Wednesday, October 10, 2007

British Research Group - "War On Terror A Disaster"

"Attack On Iran Should Be Avoided"

The Oxford Research Group, a major UK Think Tank, has called the War On Terror a "disaster". In a recent report that looked at the progress of the global anti-terror fight, the group concluded that the War on Terror- as it is currently being carried out- only serves to benefit the enemy. Recent National Intelligence Estimates have largely come to the same conclusion.

The report seemed to coincide with an announcement by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown of a major drawdown of British troops in Iraq.

The British Think Tank also discourages any move to attack Iran. However, the hard headed Bush Administration seems to be laying the groundwork for an attack. Bush & Co. is clearly engaged in a PR campaign to convince the public that a war against Iran is needed. See a video montage of part of their PR effort. Warning... the spinning may cause dizziness.

See more courtesy of Dr. Errington Thompson at Where's The Outrage.

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