Monday, October 29, 2007

FEMA's Fake News Conference

The recent FEMA episode involving the fake news conference falls right in line with what the Bush administration has been doing for years. FEMA took a page right out of the White House playbook. (The White House is known for planting its own friendly "reporters" within the Press Corps). The White House Press Corps is basically no different from the FEMA employees. The Press Corps has been tagged with being too cozy with the Bush administration.... and asking mostly softball questions of the President and his Press secretary.

FEMA was only emulating what they have seen from the top. There has been a pattern of these kinds of mistakes. Point is... this is a cultural problem from within the Bush administration; a problem not unique to just FEMA.

At least Chertoff seems to be holding people accountable for this nonsense. The FEMA PR chief John Philbin admits that he should have cancelled the faked event....and event that even he apparently took part in. Philbin was apparently one of the FEMA workers who posed questions to deputy FEMA Director Harvey Johnson.

See/Hear Report from Democracy Now

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