Sunday, October 21, 2007

President talks about WW III

First of all, I appreciate the invitation to post on Mirror on America

There are times when the White House press corps simply gives me chest pain. When President Bush mentioned that “if Iran would get plans for nuclear technology”, someone should’ve asked the following question — “Mr. President, didn’t we give Iran nuclear blueprints?”

“Didn’t we give technical designs to a TBA 480 Russian reactor? ” “Wasn’t the operation to give ‘phony plans’ to the Iranians code-named, MERLIN?” “Wasn’t the whole operation delineated in James Risen’s book, State of War?”

I hate it when the press corp is stupid. I also hate it when the President thinks that we are stupid. I mean this is readily available knowledge. It is in a book about the CIA. The book sold well. Didn’t they read it or get the Cliff Notes?

To sum up, we, the United States, gave the “altered” plans for a nuclear reactor to the Iranians.

The thought was that if we gave them plans then we would know where they were in development of nuclear technology. It was a stupid plan but that’s what happened. This happened in late 2000 or 2001. I’m not blaming the President for the CIA’s thoughtlessness. I’m blaming the president for thinking that we are stupid. Developing plans is not that hard any more. We did it 60 years ago. With modern technology it has to be easier. Getting the materials is the problem.


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rikyrah said...

He's insane. I keep on saying this.

Anytime you have an idiot who talks about WWIII and has a GODDAMN SMIRK ON HIS FACE, what else is he, other than insane?

But, I continue to hope that there are more sane people out there, like yourself, who will bring up the obvious, and tell us some more facts.

It's like the twilight zone with this bunch. They didn't check out CRAP on our way to that lie in Iraq, and now, they're doing the same damn thing on Iran.