Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Republicans Debate In Michigan

Republicans met in Michigan yesterday for a debate that was supposed to center on the economy. However, the Republican candidates offered little in the form of relief for working people of Michigan - one of the nations most economically challenged States.

Instead of offering any real solutions or new ideas, the candidates harped on cutting spending and government programs (shrinking government). There were no solutions for moving the country into the new economy, driven by new energy technology, etc. There were no real plans laid out to make sure that the U.S. can compete in the global economy, no bold plans for changing our sources of energy & finally ending the dependence on foreign oil, or for building better more advanced cars. They offered no initiatives for encouraging companies to keep jobs in the U.S. and no real plan for healthcare. Their idea of a healthcare plan is "pray you don't get sick".

It was clear that the Republicans remain out of touch with the needs and concerns of the average working American (and in many ways, the same could be said for the Democrats). They seemed to be too busy imitating Ronald Reagan.

The sad thing is... The Democrats are so pathetic, that one of these Republicans actually has a good chance of winning the General Election next year.
The Democrats are pushing ahead with their Trainwreck (Hillary Clinton). I am still hoping that John Edwards will make a good showing in Iowa and will take off from there. None of these Democrats are the best choice.... but as dreadful as most of them are, any one of them would be better than any of the top Republican candidates. The mere idea of a Giuliani administration scares the Hell out of me.

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