Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Refers to Troops In Iraq as "Phony"

U.S. Soldiers risking their lives in Iraq have been attacked by none other than Republican Party spokesman Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh referred to those troops who have reservations about the way the Bush Administration is handling the situation in Iraq, as "phony soldiers". Then he goes on to lie to his listeners, by deleting the "phony soldier" comments from his show. His show is piped in to troops in Iraq via the Armed Forces Radio Network, so he wanted to make sure that the soldiers did not hear his comments.

But luckily Media Matters has been following this story and has the audio. Listen Here.

Not surprisingly, Limbaugh has support from fellow Republicans in Congress, who are defending his comments. I guess this is their idea of supporting the troops.

First they lie to the American public in order to go to war, then they send these soldiers to a war launched based on false pretenses, then they fail to send enough forces, and they fail to provide the body armor (including the proper armored vehicles), then they keep the soldiers from their families for so long that military families are beginning to fall apart, then after all of that...the Republicans insult the bravery of the men and women serving in the quigmire and the hell that they created.

Keep in mind, this attack comes from yet another Republican with no military experience. These are the folks who ran the other way when it was their chance to serve.
He says that "we should stay there as long as it takes". And I want to know... who in the hell does he mean by "we"? Rush isn't serving. It's easy for this clown to sit in the safety of his studio and his luxury home, chanting pro-war slogans. He isn't the one who is doing the fighting.
Nor is he the one who has to be away from his family....his wife & children, for 12-18 months at a time.... sometimes enduring 2 or 3 deployments.

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