Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Black Women and the Race to the Bottom Part III

Thugs and the Black Women Who Love Them - Singer Rihanna Beaten to a Bloody Pulp.

She wanted a thug, but I guess she didn't know that "Thug Luvin'" comes with a price. Will these women ever learn?

See my two previous posts on this subject. Part I and Part II.

Black girl lusts after Thug/Bad Boy -- Thug/Bad Boy beats or mistreats girl -- Wash, rinse, repeat.

How many times have we heard this story? This storyline has become all too common and you would think that it would serve as a lesson and warning to these women. Apparently the R&B singer Rihanna was brutally beaten to a bloody pulp over the weekend in LA. The suspect turned out to be her boyfriend... Hip Hop/R&B performer Chris Brown. From the reports... the injuries to this young woman were "horrific". Her face & head were apparently left swollen and bruised. This is not your ordinary domestic violence case... this woman was damn near beaten to death.

Rihanna suffers from the same disease that so many other young Black women (probably the majority) suffer from - The Bad Boy Disease. You could also call it... "Thug Addiction". But more often than not, the Chickens eventually come home to roost for these women. We are only hearing about this case because Rihanna is a "Star". But this is becoming more and more common, especially in minority communities. And of course they want the world to feel sorry for them. But I have a hard time feeling sorry for women who seek these men out...who lust for the bad boys and the thugs.

Rihanna expresses her love for thugs with her song "There's A Thug In My Life".


Youtubers Try to Make Sense of "The Race to the Bottom"

1. On Black Women (generally speaking) not being interested in more educated Black men. (Also a part 2 & 3).

2. Why Women choose these men.

3. Why Do Women Want Thugs?

These last two videos are of lesser quality but seem to somehow get to the same point. The language used is not the language that I would use...but this is how these issues are discussed in the so-called "Black Community"....in the barber shops....in the privacy of people's homes, etc. So please forgive the language. (Rated R).

4. A Male asks "Why do Black women (some) lust after thugs"...and he poses the question to a female acquaintance.... where he's actually going with this.. i'm not sure...but he seems to make his point.

5. Even a thug asks... WTF?
The Angry Independent Does Not Support all of the Comments of This Youtuber.


Here are a few Chris Brown selections: Rapper Ludacris feat. Chris Brown (listen to the lyrics). Video 2, Video 3, Video 4.

No, i'm not into blaming the victim... but these women (in most cases) make a choice to be with these men... despite all the evidence that the bad boy thing is really no good. Some might say that Chris Brown is not a "thug" (that's a common response from Black women/girls... their point of reference on what a good man is tends to be so skewed that they end up with this warped idea of what a decent man looks like. Many don't have a point of reference at all...and so they end up defending these guys, not understanding what they are defending). You don't necessarily need a rap sheet like Charles Manson to be a Bad Boy. I always thought Chris Brown was a thug... no... not hardcore like the worst of what's out there... but if it quacks like a Duck, walks like a Duck, looks like a Duck... then it's probably a Duck. He has all the mannerisms... and keep in mind... he's a 19 year old... he hasn't had much of a chance to get started yet... With young men...you are looking at...how are they treating young women... what lyrics are they using... how do they behave around their mothers and so forth. I saw this young man's behavior around his mother on one TV program... not so good...foul language...threatening behavior, etc...and this was when he was about 17 years old...he exhibited all the behavior of "The Thug". I know a lot of women find that attractive... but how much evidence has to accumulate before it sinks in that this is not the way to go?

I am not a fan of either of these "entertainers". I hate their music...and I don't care for the Hip Hop/R&B genre. I especially hate the Beyonce clones. I usually don't care about what goes on in the Black Hollywood gutter culture of Hip Hop. But this problem of women and thugs, especially Black women and thugs is a social sickness and there seems to be no end in sight for it. My "Black Women and the Race to the Bottom" argument or theory is constantly being proven with one example after another. This is a teachable moment because this singer, Robyn Fenty, is a role model for tens of thousands of young women, young minority women in particular, who emulate her. That includes my 20 year old baby sister. Since this is so high profile... it's a teachable moment that shouldn't go to waste.

The teachable moment could be that lusting for the thugs and the bad boys comes with a price and that price isn't worth it. Another lesson here is that young women shouldn't protect their thug boyfriends by not cooperating with police, or by accepting criminal charges for these men, by covering for the illegal activities of these men, etc... (something all too common for young women in the so-called "Black Community").

If the reports about Rihanna refusing to cooperate with Police & not pressing charges are true, then it's just another example of how these women send the wrong message to the young women (and Black males) who emulate them and look up to them. Luckily in the State of California (if i'm not mistaken) it may not be necessary for the woman...or victim in a domestic violence case such as this (with visible injuries) to file charges. The State can actually become the complainant if the victim refuses to press charges.

And why are these teachable moments always squandered? Why is it that lessons are never learned from these incidents? This is especially true for young Black women. These lessons never seem to work...in fact, the "Black Community" seldom frames these incidents as teachable moments...as examples of what to avoid, who to avoid, what not to do, etc. Why is that?

The message to young Black women...from older Black women should be ... NO it is not o.k. to seek and lust after these men. NO Black women should not desire these men. NO it is not o.k. for Rihanna or any other women to try to cover for their thug boyfriends. NO a man should never hit a woman...this IS NOT o.k. NO Rihanna or any other woman should not protect their thug boyfriends from the law. THIS IS NOT O.K.
NO it is not o.k. for Rihanna or any other young woman to obstruct Police when they are trying to lock these ***holes up. But the message from Black women = **crickets chirping**. Unfortunately, young Black women get the opposite message from the Rihanna's every time something like this happens. And it seems to happen about once a week... either nationally or locally. There is always a story with the same general script.... a script repeated all over the Country. And it's poison for "Black Communities".

So I don't think this particular lesson will be taken to heart by young Black women, because there are so many of these lessons on a regular basis and they never seem to work. It will be another teachable moment wasted in the "Black Community". In fact, there seems to be a strange & almost opposite impact. The worse these men are, the more desired and attractive they become in some cases. I am willing to bet that Chris Brown's career won't suffer all that much from this incident. And I am also willing to bet that BET and the NAACP will find something to honor Chris Brown for post-beating. He'll still be a Black hero. Mark my words. Because this never fails to hold true. His chances for more NAACP recognition just went up.... not down. *Sigh* (Wishing that the Goddamn NAACP would go away as an entity... It has morphed into something that DuBois didn't have in mind).

The issue of the Bad Boy is a problem in all ethnic groups... but it's especially strong with Black women. This problem is one of the primary reasons why I don't identify with modern Black culture and it is why my dating preference tends to be White, Asian women, etc. Of course Black women who prefer these men are not for me... that doesn't leave much left in that dating pool, considering that so many women tend to fit that mold. But the pickings are not much better with White and Asian women... because they tend to prefer White males. Even the decent Black women... those who I would consider... tend to date White men exclusively (I have seen this first-hand at least twice... finding out that the Black women who caught my eye dated White men only). So this largely explains why I have always been single... and will likely continue to be single..and will probably die alone. lol Yippee.... Being a Black man in America is just wonderful. (kill me now please).

I was listening to an interview on Public Radio the other day... I believe it was Tavis Smiley's PRI program... and the topic was the Grammy's. When the discussion turned to the rapper "Little Wayne" (?) you could hear how excited the Black woman being interviewed became (I thought she was having an orgasm). It sounded as if she was talking about the greatest thing in the World.


Black Women and Thugs Part I (also referred to as "Black Women and the Race to the Bottom").

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Listen as Black women attempt to make excuses for Chris Brown and attempt to soften his image...while discouraging the victim from pressing criminal charges. This is from NPR's News and Notes program (Feb. 11th).

Pay attention to their talking points...

1. "We don't know what sparked it". (as if that has anything to do with anything..... as if whatever the disagreement was about made it o.k. for a man to hit a woman).

2. Chris Brown is an angel....poor Chris Brown.

3. It could have been Rihanna's fault. Perhaps she was the aggressor. Women can be quite violent.

4. This is not as brutal as it was made out to be. The victim is not THAT hurt.

5. Suggesting that Rihanna shouldn't press charges. (sending the wrong message to young women everywhere).

6. What is Chris Brown's side of the story? It's of the utmost importance that we hear from Chris Brown. (unbelievable).

Listen to discussions between NPR's Allison Samuels, Marvet Britto, and Paris Finner-Williams (a domestic violence specialist.......whatever).

Listen to segment 1

Listen to segment 2


Huffington Post - Rihanna...Just Say No To Abuse

Huffington Post on Previous Abuse

Commentary from Kevin Powell

Not just a little lovey dovey disagreement


There will be no comments for this posting. I am tired of defending common sense. I am tired of trying to hold a debate with crazy Black folks on this issue. I am tired of attempting to have a discussion with Black women who defend certain kinds of behavior, a certain lifestyle..certain values... etc. There's just no point in doing that anymore. I'm tired of the nonsense.