Monday, February 16, 2009

Roland Burris: Oh Yeah... There's One Little Thing I Forgot to Tell You Guys....

You guys aren't going to believe this... but I just remembered that Blago did try to bribe me for the Senate seat. I might have remembered to tell you earlier but.... you didn't ask me. Sorry about that.

And oh.. by the way, thanks for letting me into the Senate...(suckers). I just love my new office space and DC is just so nice. Everyone has been so wonderful. I especially want to thank my new girlfriend my new friend Harry Reid. He's been so accommodating.

And so the Blago saga continues. They couldn't write Soap Operas with this much drama.

Of course Burris is lying his ass off. And yes... he should resign. Of course he won't... because he's the type who will only do something if he's forced to...just like his buddy Blago. And with someone as pathetic as Harry Reid running the Senate... Burris knows that he has nothing to worry about...his seat is safe. Safe at least until 2010. This revelation makes this seat even more vulnerable. Burris was already considered a weak potential candidate... now he'll be even weaker.

And the blame should rest with Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Dick Durbin and other Democrats for not standing their ground. Like I have mentioned before... if there's one thing impressive about the Republicans... it is the fact that they rarely cave. They may be wrong on most everything...but at least they stick together and stand their ground to defend what they believe in. Sometimes you just have to stand for something...come what may.



From the Chicago Sun Times - Burris Lied and Liars Get Fired

Burris Under Ethical Cloud

Burris Should Step Down


J.R. LeMar said...

What an a-hole.

rikyrah said...


Paradigm said...

Yep, we needed a black man in that seat. Now look what this "racial reasoning" has wrought.

Takes the air right out of me. Am tired of this bulls***.

Truthiz said...

"They couldn't write Soap Operas with this much drama."

'Nuff said.

Brian said...

Amen Paradigm!!!