Tuesday, February 24, 2009

State of the Nation Open Thread

What did you think of The President's speech?


rikyrah said...

I know this is corny, but I always loved this. There is something about the entire government being in one place that gives me goosebumps.

rikyrah said...

you see how warm they were with Ginsburg?

rikyrah said...

Solis is there - confirmed as Labor Sec.

rikyrah said...

First Lady in sleeveless purple looking great

rikyrah said...

He Hugged Ginsburg.

rikyrah said...


rikyrah said...

I loved the speech, then again, I think you knew I would. I really am interested in reading the interpretations of AI and LAD.

And, you two should be happy - Solis was confirmed today.

Brian said...

Thanks for your effort...

Despite being a content rich blog... we only have a handful of participants...only a handful of readers. So open threads always fail. I often wonder why I work so hard looking for useful info to post (because I know I post info...and provide sidebar links that most other blogs aren't posting).

I was going to wait for the Republican response before responding.

I'm listening to that fool Bobby Jindal right now. His speech = a massive failure. I almost feel sorry for him myself.

"Hi... Happy Mardi Gras" (wtf)...

"I remember going to the grocery store with my dad".... LMAO

They can't be serious. This is their response to one of the best orators in Public office?

They would have done better with Michael Steele.

If there were any doubts lingering on the question of whether it's a new day... Obama erased them tonight. And he did so Definitively.

...the diarrhea is still flowing from Jindal's mouth (sorry...but I can't think of any other way to describe this foolishness)... it is clear from his response that they had anticipated that Obama would have a negative speech.

Then he puts Louisiana before the USA at the end.... when he should have just said... God Bless the USA.

Then they used Hurricane Katrina as an example of their good governance????????????

UNBELIEVABLE. Are we in the Twilight Zone or what???? Did he really use Katrina as a positive example?

rikyrah said...

Living our values doesn’t make us weaker, it makes us safer and it makes us stronger. And that is why I can stand here tonight and say without exception or equivocation that the United States of America does not torture.


rikyrah said...


You ever get the feeling that you want to step through the tv with a cast iron skillet?

That's me..Jindal when he mentioned Katrina.

Brian said...

Who was that fine woman with the short hair???? (Obama knows how to pick em). lol

I think that was Solis... I guess I have some detective work to do.

I've only read a little on her background... and she seems to be a solid Progressive. Took way too long for confirmation (because of her husbands tax issues).

Brian said...

Evidence that they anticipated a negative Obama speech.

When Jindal said... "Don't let anybody tell you that we can't recover".

WHAT?????????? What speech were they responding to?

This was the Obama that I recognize from the campaign. This was the most hopeful speech from Obama since Sept. of last year.

redante said...

Hehehe.... Jindal's speeach in response was surreal, almost comic. He was trying to be all folksy and stuff with his Louisiana Southern accent and anecdotes about the American spirit but ended up reciting a litany of tired old Republican cliches of small government, low taxes, Democrats are into wasteful spending, 9-11, patriotism, etc. etc. Yeah yeah, we've heard all of that before Bobby Jindal -- but you (and your Republican compatriots) offered nothing as an attractive alternative solution if you disagreed with the Obama administration's budget and policy priorities. As an opposition group, you can still put roadblocks and filibusters to obstruct the Administration. But I don't see Jindal's speech setting a lot of people of fire on the conservative side. My little sister remarked his delivery reminded her of Reading Rainbow :-)

I'm an independent who is willing to put the Obama administration's feet to the fire as much as I would Republicans. Tonight I was more impressed with Obama than with the Republican response. Of course, the devil is in the details in terms of actual implementation of reforms. But I loved how Obama the Populist was out in full force tonight! Let's hope the implementation will be just as good as the presentation.

Brian said...

This was one of the best national addresses before Congress that I have ever seen.

One of the best speeches in Obama's career.

He finally struck a hopeful tone...after the Country has been overdosing on gloom and doom...mostly from the media (for the sake of their own ratings).

And it was in the vein of Kennedy and FDR. Definitely what the Country needed...and it's what I was referring to (somewhat) in my post about banks...a post that I don't think anyone read besides myself when I proofread it. lol

We haven't had a Kennedy style messenger in a long time... Clinton was a good speaker... but not as forward looking. He delved in the moment. Obama is a visionary (like me). I sometimes tell folks... i'm not an intellectual... i'm a visionary.

It's good that we have someone like that as President once again.

redante said...

Hilda Solis was confirmed? Excellent! She is considered a folk hero among Progressive and labor circles. Someone who has been there in the trenches as a movement Progressive and is willing to throw herself into the thick of the fight for workers and ordinary folks.

Brian said...


"You ever get the feeling that you want to step through the tv with a cast iron skillet?"

More like a baseball bat for me Rikyrah. Sometimes I feel like throwing something at the TV. But then I remember how broke I am...and that I don't need a reason to fork out $200.00 or $300.00 for a new TV set. lol

I do yell at the TV though. :)

Truthiz said...


Now see_I was in TOTAL agreement with you about Jindal's silly-azz response _and then you went and added that bit about Steele, that Republican minstrel in "black-face" who actually thinks the road back to so-called GOP "greatness" runs through hip-hop?!

I'd say, it's a pretty safe bet, Steele's response would've been just as MINDNUMBINGLY ridicules, iF not not moreso(?)

Regarding President Obama's speech:

I said it before and I'll say it again: He's going to be the Reublican party's WORST nightmare!

And to the degree that some Democrats on Capitol Hill still don't "GET IT"_Obama's going to be a rude awakening for them also.

The man AIN'T playin!!!

Brian said...


I think you have a typo in your message... because you just wrote that Michael Steele sees Hip Hop as the GOP's salvation.


I'm hoping I read that wrong... or that i'm imagining things. Because if that's true... then my God. The GOP really is in trouble.

I never caught that story.

And Jindal... i'm still trying to wrap my head around that speech.

The worst response that i've ever seen from any Party.

Brian said...


Jindal was surreal indeed. They have their own parallel Universe. 'Out of Touch' doesn't go far enough to describe these people.

Brian said...

Notice how the Republicans refused to stand when Obama mentioned providing healthcare for children (SCHIP).

Why do they hate children so much? Why do they hate ordinary folks so much. It seems like they really loathe us.

Truthiz said...

LOL! AI please tell me you're kidding?!

You mean you haven't heard?!

It was reported all over the blogosphere and on cable news a few days ago.


LOL! Even the Black conservs over at Booker Rising agreed that Steele must be smoking something if he truly believes there's a snowballs chance in H*LL that hip-hop can save that party!

Truthiz said...

And it's occurred to me that the GOP is in the process of making the same monumental mistake made by Hillary and Bill_and then McSenile and Palin:

Blinded by their own arrogance and ignorance_and driven by their hatred, jealousy and ENVY of Barack__Ooops I mean President Obama_those fools are going to destroy themselves trying to destroy him.

Barack won't have to do a thing. he doesn't operate that way anyway. All of their wounds will be self-inflicted and at the rate they're going they'll simply bleed to death.

Brian said...


That's why I have this blog...and why I love interacting with my readers... because I always learn something.

No I never got that memo. I'm always confined to the plantation (work) and like I have mentioned before... I often don't get the chance to scan all the blogs. I often get info late.

But that's pretty incredible!

Brian said...

That was Lisa Jackson I saw. lol
Not bad... not bad...no supermodel (but I don't care for skinny supermodels anyway).

Susan Rice, Hilda Solis, and Melody Barnes aren't bad either.

This is one of the best looking Cabinets (literally speaking) in decades. lol

I just hope their work measures up.

***switching power and oxygen back to my other brain***

zinjanthropus said...

...only a handful of readers.

More than you think A.I.
Lots of us are just content reading everyday. ...The next time you dis African American culture, I might add my two cents.

My sadness for Jindal started the first time I heard his accent. This guy has absolutely NONE of the beautiful singing speech tone that so many Indian Americans possess. He sounds like a foregin actor trying hard to sound like a stereotypical American used car salesman. Why TRY to be generic when you have built in spice?

Here's a guy named Piyush who calls himself "Bobby". WTF? I'm almost tempted to hurl the "self hate" tag at him.