Monday, February 09, 2009

Media Alert

President Obama will have a primetime Press Conference at 8 p.m. EST


Truthiz said...

I watched the entire press conference last night (Monday)_and I watched his townhall this afternoon at Fort Myers, Florida.

BTW: Charlie Crist seemed as "pleased as punch" to be be in the number!

But here's my take on Obama's press conference and his townall:

The "rethuglicans" have NO idea what time it is OR who they're dealing with...NONE!

And IMO, the same can be said for the American cable news media, which is at best, mostly made up of blithering idiots who make their living parrotting one another's bullsh*t talking points, manufacturing and inciting DRAMA to boost ratings and generally behaving as if this is all a game!?!

America is at a crossroad_a critical junction, if you will. The majority of the American people know that it's time for a "Change", via REAL leadership and real solutions. Spare us the BS!

President Obama appears to GET IT. He appears ready to work his butt off in an effort to govern effectively to meet the multitude of challenges facing this country and peoples everyday lives.

He's writing his own playbook and expects to be judged by the American people on "results"_factual, evidence-based results.

Failure is NOT an option for Obama and THAT is why, in terms of short-and-long-term strategic thinking (goals and objectives), I believe, he's going to be the rethuglicans worst nightmare!

Brian said...


I hope you are right about Obama being the Republicans worst nightmare.

Unfortunately though... as powerful as his bully pulpit is.... the Republican machine seems even bigger (controlling talk radio, most of TV, etc). This is how you see public opinion swing so fast on an issue. Dems and Progressives don't have a media infrastructure that is anywhere close to Republican media.

But Obama is smart....he has been using what he has fairly wisely... like the weekly youtube updates.

Hopefully the House can revote on the stimulus Bill this week... and Geithner probably needs to do another press conference and explain the financial part of their plans a little better... because his effort didn't work today.

From what i'm learning about the plan... I am not sure it's a great idea.... for example... trying to get banks to publicly disclose their financial situation. Probably not a good idea. Seems to me... it may only serve to spark panic. Hell...if a financial analyst says the wrong thing... all Hell breaks lose. The market is ultra sensitive.

What they need to focus on is fixing the bad assets...without causes panic selloffs.