Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nail Biter In Israeli Election

Shocking Upset?

One of the most important elections ever in the World is taking place in Israel. According to exit polls, the Kadima Party (the governing Party led by Tzipi Livni) shocked the world with a last minute win (keeping my fingers crossed). The final count won't be in for a couple of days.

If they can keep Netanyahu out... this may change the course of history in the Middle East & the World....or at least may prevent further war and catastrophe from spreading. A more peaceful Israel...or even a status quo Israel that is not being run by an out of control John Wayne Neo-Con like Benjamin Netanyahu will allow the Obama Administration to concentrate on other issues. The Kadima win -if it holds- may not allow Mrs. Livni to form a government without a coalition. Hopefully she will seek support from the other moderate Party (Labor)...although the two main right wing parties saw their support go way up...and they will demand positions in the government. I don't mind that so much... as long as that crazy Netanyahu is not calling the shots.


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Livni Surges

A Pivotal Moment in History


Brian said...

Looks like Netanyahu may end up becoming Prime Minister afterall.

Not good.

Gulf War III? (or worse).

Truthiz said...

I'll admit right up front, I am ANTI-Zionist/ANTI-neoCon and d*mn proud of it! Those people are serioulsy demented and Dangerous to the entire human race!

And they cans spare me the "you're anti-semitic" BS. But I digress.

In the lead up to the Israeli election there was a school of thought out there that attempted to frame the battle this way:

"Israel awaits its verdict: Extremism v. Centrism"

Source: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1063084.html

So umm...do all Americans really appear to be THAT stupid?!

Like many of us couldn't see that it came down to Extremism v. Extremism-lite, with Livni being slightly less barbarous_and slightly more sane_ than that blood-thirsty, crazy-azz Netanyahu_aka Net-the-NUT.

Word to the Israeli leadership: YOU are your own worst enemy!

Okay...so regardless of which one eeks out the win, I hope the two parties they represent, Kadima and Likud tear each other apart. To be able to witness the ZIONIST/neoCon driven Israeli government as it self-destructs would be priceless!

rikyrah said...

why'd u give me hope, AI?