Sunday, February 22, 2009

Double Take - Oye Como Va

Late again this week (I won't be doing these for long...but there are a few interesting tunes I want to post over the next few months).

Oye Como Va

Written by the one and only Tito Puente

Tito Puente - Original (1963)

Santana (1970)


As much as I like Tito Puente... Santana took this tune to a whole new level. The original version has more texture...more layers... since it's more of a Latin Jazz/Salsa tune, and Puente typically had larger bands.

But Santana introduced a faster tempo...and much more energy with the electric guitar. I'm biased towards guitar in this case. The Santana version went on to become the more popular of the two much so that Santana is often credited (mistakenly) for writing and recording the original.

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