Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rev. Al Sharpton on Olbermann (about the monkey cartoon)


Truthiz said...

The truth is, I don’t think the monkey symbolized Obama.

And I readily admit, whenever I see/hear race-vultures like Al Sharpton, step to the forefront of ANY subject-matter of "concern", the pertinence of that subject-matter is instantly diminished in my eyes.

That being said: WHATEVER point the journalist/cartoonist was trying to make, he obviously FAILED miserably when it came to more than a few readers.

At best, the cartoon came off as "Insensitive" _and therefore offensive. At worst, it came off a "Racist" AND Insensitive and therefore HIGHLY offensive.

It’s the New York Post. Shine a light on their BS. But remember folks...IT’S THE NEW YORK POST! Yesterdays fish wrap_ everyday of the week, 365 days a year.

Theo said...

I agree (somewhat) with Turthiz. My larger problem is with the reaction of Al Sharpton and others. The cartoon is insensitive (though I don't believe it was intended to advocate killing President Obama), but should we put this much effort into fighting this issue (marches, etc.). I hate that Sharpton and others use these high interests topics, rather than high value topics to be outraged about. For example, let's start to speak to the huge problem with the criminal justice system, racial inequalities in our schools, and the breakdown of the black family structure. Sharpton should be raising public awareness about those topics and stop worrying about cartoons, rap artists saying "nigga", and Don Imus. These are side issues to a huge dragon in the room that everyone is afraid to face. We need to address that dragon (black family breakdown, etc.) in order to fix our communities problems.

Brian said...

That's the problem with Civil Rights Inc.

All the times that they cry wolf... diminishes or damages the credibility in some of the few legitimate instances of racism, insensitivity, etc...especially those cases that they involve themselves in.

I am no big fan of Sharpton either. But there are a few cases where the situations he may be involved in are legitimate. Just a small few.

But it's that kind of doubt created by these guys that makes them not the best advocates when it comes to racial justice issues. It weakens the argument. That's why there should be other intelligent...more moderate voices who could be allowed to take the stage and speak on these issues and not just Civil Rights Inc. all the time. Their credibility is eroding more and more everyday.