Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More on Roland Burris - Yet Another Revelation

Not only did Burris fail to mention that he was approached for a bribe by someone in the Blago camp.... but it now looks like he failed to mention an even more explosive fact - That he actually tried to pay the bribe.

Lord Please Have Mercy!!!!

This is why I was so skeptical and cautious about Burris... this is why I am cautious when Black folks are screaming about the need for a Black person to be in a certain position just because they are Black (I really hate that nonsense) ignoring all context - ignoring everything else about the individual or the circumstances surrounding the appointment. This kind of blind race allegiance can lead down a rat hole so easily and leave Black folks worse off in the end. I wish more Black people would stop with this mentality... and realize that they should judge individuals on the merits.... not based on Race. I believe that race can be a factor sometimes.... but not most of the time and it certainly shouldn't be the only factor or even factor number one. An occasional factor under certain circumstances-- yes. Blind allegiance for a Black person at all costs...because they are Black-- absolutely not. This is one of the reasons why Black folks are in the condition that they are in today. The racial litmus test has not been good for them (although many are so brain screwed that they are convinced that it has been great for them). Just look at America's chocolate cities where Blacks have been running the show for years. And yes, I still believe that Tammy Duckworth (a white woman...an extraordinary woman) would have been a kick ass Senator...probably one of the greatest to ever serve. But Negroes are too worried about skin color (as if they have a claim on a Senate seat based on some legally established race quota... it's sickening and embarrassing).

Now exactly what I stated would happen...is probably going to happen after this. Burris has made the road tougher for decent, qualified Blacks who may seek a Senate seat in the future. Future Black Senate candidates will have to be burdened by this Bull----. We know that's true. Blacks are so often judged by the wider society by what some other fool has done before...even when we have nothing to do with that person. It happens in the workplace all the time (I can tell you some stories that involved me in the workplace...but i'll spare you). This is especially true when Blacks are just breaking ground in a new area.... just like the U.S. Senate...an institution where Blacks are so much of a minority and where they are slowly trying to gain footing. This will make it especially difficult for those Black candidates who may come behind Burris. The damage is incalculable.

Harry Reid should be removed from his position immediately.... There are plenty of Democratic Senators who could provide real leadership. Reid is a disgrace. Not only did Reid cave and embarrass himself and his Party... but he helped to facilitate and enable Burris and Blago. Nice going.

Oh.. by the way... Burris is now under criminal investigation in Illinois for all of this. (See additional report from the New York Times). Hopefully he will be indicted and removed from office (only a remote possibility at this point, but it's the most hopeful sign in months that something might finally be done).


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MartiniCocoa said...

Your post is so on point....and that creepy Burris mausoleum tipped me off that he was the kind of dude who didn't care about ethics when it came to his ambition.

Oh Blago really knew who to pick, didn't he?

Brian said...

Blago knew exactly what he was doing.

By choosing Burris and making it a "race" issue... Blago turned Burris into a trojan horse for the Democrats...someone who he knew the Dems probably could not stomach the idea of challenging. He purposefully put the Dems in a bad position.... this was the whole idea.

And through Burris, Blago is also finding continued political life (especially in the media...attention that Blago desperately wants).

Blago (in wanting to get back at Dems for trying to oust him...and perhaps to get back at national Dems like Obama who called for his ouster and wouldn't pay to play) just wanted to spread his Cancer around. Burris was the perfect vessel... (and a willing one) for enabling Blago in doing this. Blago figured... if i'm going down... I want to take as many folks as I can with me...even if it means being a liability and dead weight for the entire Party.

I particularly don't like how he used race and Black folks for this purpose... harming Blacks, their interests and their image in the process. Prominent Blacks never called him out for this manipulation. Instead...they went along with it... to the detriment of genuine Black interests. Now who pays for that? Certainly not the rich Black politicians in Chicago or in the CBC. Nope... it will be the same folks at the bottom who always have to pay the price.

Truthiz said...

On Point! On Point! On Point!

It's time for Burris to STEP OFF!

I agree_this "tainted" appointment never should've been made in the first place. The Dems got PLAYED by Blago with the willing participation of Burris (who appears to be as deceptive as any other crooked politician). Blago blatantly called their bluff and they folded.

Burris should resign.

rikyrah said...

ok AI,

I'll finally concede to you.

But, I'll say only this...the Dems would be insane to push Burris out until Franken is seated.

Brian said...

I won't rub it in Rikyrah... although I was tempted to. :)

I do feel a little vindicated though.

As for Burris being replaced... i'll believe it only when I see it.

I just don't think he'll step down...and I don't think there are enough folks in the Senate with enough courage to actually remove him. But perhaps something will happen when the results of the Senate "Ethics Committee" investigation are released. It's likely to result in just a slap on the wrist (censure).