Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rates of Incarceration Graphs

This decade has seen a noticeable increase in incarcerated whites, yet blacks still lead in this depressing statistic.

In another context, the race isn't even close. Per 100,000 blacks, more than 3000 are incarcerated, six times the rate for whites.

One obvious solution might be to move out of Louisiana to lessen your chance of going to jail.

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Brian said...

Nothing has changed much on this issue in years.

What do you see as possible solutions?

These trends also seem to correspond with poverty and the lack of opportunity - problems often faced in the Southern States.

This calls into question even more the reluctance of Southern Governors to accept Stimulus money. In fact, some aren't just reluctant to take the money, but they have become active in blocking funds, and they appear to want Obama to fail. In other words... they are sabotaging any plans for an economic recovery. This is a problem that Obama should have anticipated.

Obama should come up with a plan to simply bypass the Confederate Governors in the future... by going directly to Mayors, City Councils, County Execs...and finding alternative ways to distribute the money directly to where it is needed.

From the comments that I have read from criminologists.... they expect crime to start to tick up... particularly drug crime, burglary, etc... especially in poorer communities where alternatives are running out...or have run out (few jobs, blight, no job training, lack of social services, unemployment benefits running out or inadequate, etc).
These sorts of crimes do tend to increase in bad recessions...particularly those that last a long time.