Sunday, February 03, 2008

Who is the best VP running mate?

You only need to supply 2 answers to these 2 questions (you can watch the video here). There is no bridge of death. You can enter as many times as you want.

If Hillary Clinton wins the democratic nomination who would be her best running mate and why? Part 2 - If Barack Obama wins the nomination who would his best running mate and why?

Please post your thoughts in the comment section of Where's the Outrage. If I pick your comment as the winner, you will receive a $100 gift certificate to If I pick your comment as second place you will receive a $50 gift certificate. If you are third place, I'll mention you in a post. What do you want, I'm shelling out of my own pocket? ;-)

I will admit that my choice will be subjective. None of my long time (more that an hour or so) friends can enter. If you won my last contest, you will need to wait for 6 months before re-entering a Where's the Outrage? contest. Entries will be closed on February 15, 2008 @ midnight (EST). Winners will be announced by February 18, 2008.


Constructive Feedback said...

I must take a moment to recognized M.O.A. for this momentous occasion in your blog's history. You have a DEMOCRAT recognized in your "Crooks and Liars" section. I am impressed.

I had to similarly pay tribute to Barack Obama on your sister site - Jack and Jill. You see on the Bev Smith show - that I record each day as part of my research project - I heard a guest make the case that the Clinton Administration WAS NOT the Best thing that happened to Black folks in the past 100 years. She gave specific examples regarding why this was not the case.

I had to admit - THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED were it not been for Barack Obama. I therefore must give this man his credit.

I know that come September the clock will reset and all will go back to the way things were. All the "truth serum" will have dried up and we will go back to the usual disposition.

Barack Obama might indeed be beyond what I figured he was. He surely is provoking a spirited debate among the masses.

Brian said...

Constr.... Conservative Feedback,

I guess you missed the fact that Hillary Clinton made the "crook/liar" list 3 times, and Senator Bob Kerrey made the list once.

Brian said...


Tough call...

But from the top of my head... the leading candidates for the Dems would have to be (in no particular order):

*Evan Bayh
*Tom Vilsack
*John Edwards
*Mark Warner
*Bill Richardson
*Joe Biden
*Russell "Russ" Feingold
*Wesley Clark
*Christopher Dodd
*Tim Kaine
*John Kerry