Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Obama's Super Tuesday - The Morning After

Less than one year ago, when he announced, Barack Obama was a sitting United States Senator of about 2 years.

Hillary Clinton was INEVITABLE. And February 5th was to be her coronation.

Skeptical Brotha would say, with reference to the Clinton candidacy, that ' Resistance Is Futile'. I told him, way back then, it might be futile, but some fights, you just gotta take.

On February 5, 2008, Barack Obama took on the most formidable political machine in Democratic Party Politics, and beat it in 13 out of the 22 contests.(Might be 14, but the vote isn't totally in from New Mexico)

He began with absolutely NOTHING in February 2007, and was able, in about a year, to put together a grassroots campaign nationally that not only is self-financing, but also gets out the vote.

A Black man won Alabama and Georgia.
A Black man won states like Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, that only see Black folk on tv and in the movies.

Look at the list of his victories:
Obama has won the following states:
North Dakota

As for those states he lost:Two weeks ago, Hillary was leading in MA by 37 points, Obama lost to her by 15 points. He erased a 22% deficit in less than two weeks. In NY, she was ahead by 28% on January 26th, but she ended up beating him by 14%, cutting her lead in half. Same thing in New Jersey - he lost, but not by the amount that he was down two weeks ago.

He is a strong national candidate, as of this morning.

I agree with Angry Independent that we, will have to make the case for Obama, for those that support him, so I will bring up points that our alert readers have made:
Coming out of South Carolina, Obama was close to being branded the ' Black Candidate', due to the Dogwhistle Race Baiting of the Clintons. And, while the Kennedy Endorsement didn't 'deliver' Massachusetts, Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution made a brilliant observation:

The Kennedy Endorsement stopped, dead in its tracks, the 'Ghettoization' of Obama.

And, indeed, it did.

Super Tuesday helped put the nail in the coffin about Obama being ' The Black Candidate'. It was very convenient for the MSM, as they went along with The Clintons to try and press the narrative, even after Obama won in 90%+ White Iowa, and came within 2 points in 90%+ New Hampshire, and won Rural Nevada.

But, winning in Alaska, Utah, Idaho and North Dakota, will put that ' Black Candidate' mess to bed.

The ' Hispanics won't vote for a Black Candidate' Memo. It's a blanket statement, and it's not true universally. It depends upon THE STATE, and that is encouraging too.

Would WHITE MEN who chose John Edwards, give Obama a shake? The answer, seems to be a YES, even in the Deep South.

Could Obama win in the 'Heartland', and the victories in Kansas and Missouri say YES.

Obama won more states and more delegates (excluding super delegates).

Senator Clinton only exceeded 60% in one state, TN,while Senator Obama exceeded 60% in at least six states. Senator Obama did NOT lose any state that he was expected to win, but he did pick up states, namely CT. In fact, he was still polling behind her in AL up until yesterday.

Clinton didn't crack 60% in her own state.

I don't think it's insignificant that Senator Obama made history yesterday by becoming the first African American to win state-wide in several states, including MO.

Obama made considerable gains among White men and women, solidified his base, made slight in roads with Latinos, but Clinton only held her base.

On the delegate front, here's the news this morning:

The Obama camp projects topping Clinton by nine delegates, 845 to 836.
NBC News, which is projecting delegates based on the Democratic Party's complex formula, figures Obama will wind up with 840 to 849 delegates, versus 829 to 838 for Clinton.

IT IS A RACE NOW, folks.

Super Tuesday was supposed to break Barack Obama, and it didn't.

Super Tuesday was supposed to show that he wasn't ready for the big stage, and it didn't.

Super Tuesday was supposed to send Obama packing back to Illinois, and it didn't.

He won more states.
He won more diversity of states.
He won more delegates.



Anonymous said...

If Hillary is the dem. I will lose all hope.

Toure Zeigler said...

I'm still puzzled that a black man won southern states but yet lost the north east.

If someone would have told me thast at the beginning of the campaign, I would nto have believed them