Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama Wins Wisconsin & Hawaii - 10 in a row

With 99% Precincts Reporting:
Obama - 58.1%
Clinton -40.7%

With 100% Precincts Reporting:
Obama - 75.7%
Clinton - 23.6%


Looking at the CNN Exit Polls:

Obama - 66%
Clinton - 32%

Obama - 48%
Clinton - 51%

Obama won every age group except for 65 and older.
He tied Clinton with high school graduates, but won every other educational group.
He won every region except for Northwestern Wisconsin.
He beat her with every income group.

Party ID
Obama - 51%
Clinton - 48%

Obama - 70%
Clinton - 30%

Obama - 62%
Clinton - 34%

Obama - 52%
Clinton - 46%

Obama -90%
Clinton -7%

Obama got more votes than McCain and Huckabee combined.


Brian said...

I love it!!! :)

He needed this one. The corporate media so desperately wanted Wisconsin to go to Clinton.

rikyrah said...

You know what I love most about political reporting on nights like this?

That state map on CNN. I love that he can tell you who won which part of the state. Loved looking at all that dark blue for Obama.

rikyrah said...


Chuck Todd just said something astounding to me.....Obama needs just under 50% of the remaining pledged delegates and uncommitted superdelegates to win the nomination outright.

Brian said...

The rest of the ride is going to be interesting.

I want to watch her struggle to reach these thresholds.

And I like that map you posted. I knew that he doubled her in terms of States won...which States, etc, but you get a slightly different view of the magnitude of the situation when you see it on a map.

All that light blue :).

I am getting my celebration ready.
I have a special song that I am going to play once Billary is finally defeated & sent home.

I may be able to play it on March 4th, who knows.

Andre said...

I'm curious to see if Sen. Obama's amazing momentum will provide the impetus needed for the majority of Superdelegates to support him; or if they'll go against the grain and still go with Hill.

This stuff is playing out better than any soap opera ever could.

Brian said...

He has the wind at his back!!!

10 straight!! And these people are still talking their crazy nonsense.

Last night, stone faced Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC was so somber... talking as if a win by the inept, inexperienced Black man (the code that I was picking up) was going to lead to the death of America.
They were pleading with Clinton to come up with something... or else death and destruction would befall the Country.

It was as if I was watching a funeral.

Brian said...

I just looked at those final figures again.

Not only has he been winning...but he has been killing this woman.

It's going to be tight for him for a while.... it probably won't be as easy for the next few months. He is going to have to fight tooth and nail.

But I now predict that this thing will be over one way or another sometime in May. It won't make it to June...or the Convention (hopefully).

I think the top officials in the Democratic Party will settle it before then.

Hillary might gain on Obama slightly in March and April (maybe a 40-50 delegate gain at best). But he could blunt some of that in Mississippi.

Whatever remaining delegate advantage that he loses next month & in April, he will gain most of it back in May (N. Carolina, Oregon, and perhaps some of the other States that looked good for Clinton at one time.... those States may begin to flip his way and may be in his column by then)...and we will be right back approximately where we are now, in terms of the delegate advantage.

Hopefully he will have enough of an advantage in pledged delegates that the nomination won't come down to Puerto Rico at the end.

Clinton is quickly running out of room for moving those goal posts back.

rikyrah said...


Come sit by me.

rikyrah whispers :::::what if he wins Texas AND Ohio?::::

What happens then?

He's down only 9 in Ohio.

He's within the margin of error in Texas. For once, Black folks voting patterns will HELP someone - him. Have you read about those crazy Texas rules?

They harp on the Black vote - like they're surprised Black folk are voting for him like this, and in the next breath, trying to dismiss our voting for him, as if our votes SHOULDN'T COUNT.

But, you know what they DON'T bring up...they'll mention it in passing, but never harp on it:

His margins with WHITE MEN.

It's like the elephant in the room.

I believe his margin with White men last night was the largest ever.

And, according to Chris Matthews, misogynist to his heart's content, men in Ohio and PA (where he's from) will NOT vote for her. He's been saying this since the campaign began, and nobody is listening to him..but, I've been listening to him. At first, I thought he was joking..but, state after state, as I've watched Obama's numbers grow with White men, I'm beginning to believe Matthews. And, if that is indeed the case, then how the hell is Ohio going to be a firewall either?

Brian said...


It would mean that the wicked witch will finally be toast. And it will be cause for celebration... at least for me.

Even a split decision on March 4th would probably be the end for Billary, because it would confirm that her base support is continuing to erode.

I wish she would ride off into the sunset, never to be seen again... and she needs to take Slick Willy along with her.

The fallout shouldn't end there either.

There needs to be consequences for that damn CBC. The organization needs to be dismantled once and for all IMO. There is no need for it anymore. It has become an embarrassment....an entity full of corrupt, self serving political pimps....who would sell their constituents out at the drop of a hat.

Of course that's wishful thinking on my part. But they really do need to go away. And I think it's time for that Conversation (how to do away with the CBC) to begin.

If I were Obama, I would leave the organization. It's probably not politically expedient to do that now...but at some point, he should get out of it. If I were him, I would have never joined the group in the first place.

I recall another Black Congress member who declined to join the CBC in recent years. It was a female... but I forgot her name.