Thursday, February 28, 2008

Republican Party Spokesman Bill Cunningham on NPR

NPR interviewed McCain cheerleader Bill Cunningham, after his attempt to slander Obama at a McCain Rally in Ohio.

Cunningham now says that he doesn't support McCain (because of McCain's objection to his remarks).... but he now thinks he will support Hillary Clinton. Isn't that interesting. It looks like Hillary will be supported by two Republican hacks now.... Bill Cunningham and Ann Coulter.

Will Hillary Clinton now be cornered by the media and forced to denounce and reject the support of Bill Cunningham or Ann Coulter?


ecthompson said...

Cunningham is a moron.

Unknown said...

Bill Cunningham is a tasteless idiot. This evening, I listened to him make a fool of himself on his show. I really hate listening to him, but the radio was already on and I didn't feel like getting up to change the station. He says the air is cleaner now than it has been in 30 years. However. the truth is that the air, on average, is much much more polluted than it was 30 years ago. One can't walk down the street without inhaling an odoriferous mix of fragrances, or come out of a grocery store without smelling like fabric softener. Cunningham also verbally attacks his callers. He pretends to have a scientific mind, but it's more like the mind of a simpleton, and he demonstrates his low IQ and lack of scientific knowledge when ever he opens his mouth. Basically, he's just full of himself. But the worst thing about him is the monotonous sound of his voice! But I love people like Mark Levin, a true conservative!!!

Anonymous said...

Asshole, He is.