Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dear Senator Obama, about this public financing stuff....

Dear Senator Obama:

Congratulations on running an excellent campaign so far. I'll make this letter short and sweet.

On the subject of accepting Public Financing of a General Election Campaign?


You gotta be kidding me.

Your grassroots operation is taking in about ONE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY..

And, you're going to let McCain, who doesn't have a fundraising pot to piss in goad you into handicapping yourself like this?


You have a public financed campaign - the hundreds of thousands of donors that have given to you.

Say that you continue to not accept lobbyist or PAC money, and be on your merry way.

Let McCain choke on Public Financing.

Mirror On America


Brian said...

While I don't like the idea of Obama changing in the middle of the game... I do support the idea of ALL candidates using public financing.

I think all candidates should be required to do so. But since it is only voluntary at this point... Obama has no choice but to stay private in order to keep up with Clinton's corporate machine.

In the long term... public financing is the way to go. It could level the playing field.

But there should also be a law that goes along with it that would prevent these non-affiliated surrogate groups from running their own adds... Or if they do... it should be taken out of the candidates funds.

Otherwise, even with Public financing... candidates with big networks would still have the advantage because of all of the active 501c groups.

Are you against public financing in all cases?

rikyrah said...

Actually, I like the 'idea' of public financing, AI. I really do. But, in this case, with Obama NOT getting money from Lobbyists or Pacs, and getting his money from a public donor base- it's really the public financing his campaign.

Plus, let's be honest. When Billary refused public financing, it was to INTIMIDATE the other campaigns....they never saw Obama's fundraising ability threat.

And, the fact that this is the first year EVER that the Democrats so lopsidedly beat the GOP in fundraising...HELL NO about giving THAT UP.