Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hillary Clinton Entagled in More Legal Trouble?

Were you aware of Hillary Clinton's latest legal liability? It is a case that I covered last year. Here is an update on a case involving Vin Gupta, yet another shady bankroller for Hillary Clinton who has been entangled in legal trouble. The Gupta case is now being examined more closely by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Click here for more background on the case.
Gupta is the 4th figure tied to the Clinton's who has been involved in legal problems related to the financing of Hillary's political campaigns.
When will Americans realize that these cases (Norman Hsu, Peter Paul, Stan Lee, Yah Lin Trie, David Rosen, & others...and now Gupta) are not coincidences? The Clinton's are as crooked as two left shoes.

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accuser said...

The historic internet video- Hillary! Uncensored (see details the civil fraud case against the Clintons- Paul v Clinton pending in Los Angeles Superior Court. On Thursday, Feb 21, a hearing will be held to set a trial date and a discovery schedule- Hillary will be a material witness under oath to explain how she helped defraud her largest donor- Peter Paul- and has avoided admitting she lied about Paul to the voters through the Washington Post to get elected.