Monday, February 18, 2008

My God!!! When Will It End? MSNBC Changes Goal Posts For Clinton, & Attacks Obama

I'm sitting here watching Hardball with Chris Matthews.... and Katrina Vanden Heuvel is saying (now that Obama is surging in Texas) that it's now all about Ohio and Pennsyvania for Clinton...and not Ohio and Texas. The media keeps moving the goal posts back.

Now they are ferociously attacking Obama for taking a line from a Deval Patrick stump speech.... (of which Patrick said he was o.k. fact, Patrick suggested it to Obama during a discussion about how to deal with the claim by Clinton that Obama was "all words". Patrick dealt with the same attacks). Bigot Pat Buchanan is saying that Obama is now dead... this is a killer for Obama. He is also saying that Obama will not be able to garner support from White voters.

They are doing their damndest to help Clinton. They were waiting for something that they could call a gaffe.... so that they could try to sink Obama.

We will see what the voters say tomorrow....and on March 4th. Once again, the media is trying to steer the blind sheep.


Now CNN, & Fox are running with the story...

On behalf of Clinton....

I knew it was coming.

But they fail to mention that after Iowa & New Hampshire.... Clinton blatantly stole Obama's change theme & incorporated it in her stump speeches...when she had not used it before.


rikyrah said...


I knew it wouldn't get past you.

She blatantly steals EVERY THEME FROM OBAMA - and SILENCE from them.

I doubt she asked Obama.

But, Obama gets permission from Patrick....and all hell breaks loose?

Uh huh.

I knew it wouldn't pass your eyes that now that Obama is coming up in Texas, suddenly it's not a firewall anymore.

It hurt...HURT...for them to explain how Texas' wacky rules can work in Obama's favor.

Matthews TRIED...did you see how hard he TRIED to make it so that the POPULAR vote would mean she could declare victory, and they had to admit that since both camps have made DELEGATE COUNTS the measure of victory, that, no, her winning the popular vote and losing the delegate count wouldn't matter.


the same Pennsylvania where the Rasmussen poll SHOWS that OBAMA clearly beats McCain head-to-head while Clinton LOSES to McCain head-to-head.

Found an interesting article today on Ohio and Obama.

Obama is going for the jugular in Ohio

Riddle me this, AI, what happens if Obama WINS Ohio?

rikyrah said...

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rikyrah said...

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rikyrah said...

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Brian said...

Now they are attacking Michelle Obama...

I think I know what Buchanan's job is going to be if Obama (by some miracle) makes it to the General election.