Monday, February 25, 2008

Clinton Launches Nasty (racist) Nuclear Attack on Obama

I am unable to type... I'm afraid I will write something that will get me into big trouble. Just follow the link.

But I will say that it's time for Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel, Harry Reid, Clyburn, Durbin, Hoyer and all the rest, to get off of their butts and intervene to bring this to an end. I can't imagine that they will wait much longer, especially after this.

This is worse than anything that I can recall from even the Republicans.

At least with the NAFTA dispute.... IT WAS A DISPUTE ABOUT THE ISSUES. And Clinton cannot run from the past, when she has been qouted supporting NAFTA. (I will get to that later today). But in response, she turns around and goes outside of the actual issues, and counters with a racist, fear based smear campaign, to attempt to play on fears of White voters in Ohio and Texas...fears based on race and religion.

Pelosi, Reid and others should ask her to step aside. In fact, all of the Superdelegates should show their disapproval by abandoning her right now. By sticking with her after this attack.... Clinton's Superdelegates are indicating that they are co-signing this smear effort.

Should I start making a list of who these people are? The world should know who supports Clinton's Smear tactic.

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1 comment:

rikyrah said...

This is good enough, AI. I've been pissed since this morning.

Leave it to the Brits to tell us the truth.

It's coordinated, AI.

1. The Obama/Weatherman story
2. Michelle Obama thesis 'story'.
3. This picture
4. The Ickes/Jesse Jackson Comment II.

It's utterly ridiculous.