Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Watching the Debate....Did You See How They Set Obama Up?

The slob Tim Russert set up the swiftboat attempt by raising the issue of Louis Farrakhan (who had to know that he would hurt Obama with his "endorsement"). F@ck Louis Farrakhan!

But how did this even become an issue?

Clinton and her media allies brought this up as a way to:

#1. Drive a wedge between Obama and Black Americans... by putting him in a position to "reject" Farrakhan (a man who many negroes love).

#2. For the purpose of fearmongering...to peel White support away from Obama.

This was a swiftboat (political) assassination attempt on Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

That stupd Farrakhan question really ticked me off too. I thought it was really racist and innappropriate.

rikyrah said...



But, bless him, Obama danced on that razor's edge once again. And, came up a winner.

Roland Martin did nearly 2 hours on folks' reaction to what Obama said. I can count on one hand the number of Black folks that were mad at him about it. The rest were like me - we would have told Russert to kiss our Black asses, but we realize he's running for President, and it seems, post-racial campaign though he tries to run, like every other Black pol, they try and hang Farrakhan around his neck. He distanced himself without being disrespectful and seeming to grovel - no small feat, but he did it.

But, you're on the money - it was a setup.