Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Post Debate - Any Thoughts?

This was a rather boring debate. Clinton did not get the killer victory that she needed (and it may be too late for that anyway).

I didn't like the swiftboat attempt on Obama. These debate moderators and news organizations should be neutral (but as I have mentioned from the beginning, the media always favors the establishment candidates).

I also didn't like Obama's pledge that he would be beholden to Israel, rather than beholden to me as an American citizen. If he wants to run for the position of Israeli Prime Minister, perhaps he should move to Israel. One of the main problems with U.S. Mideast policy is the fact that the U.S. is not impartial and is therefore not viewed as a trusted peacemaker by all of the stakeholders. As long as that situation continues, Mideast Peace will be nearly impossible to achieve.

Obama's comments suggest that we will have 4 more years of the same failed U.S. policies in that troubled region. His comments did not portend "change". It sounded more like we will support Israel at all costs, even at our own peril. That is the approach that the U.S. has been using for 30 years, and it hasn't worked.

I also didn't like his praise of the Clinton Administration for its policy on Kosovo. It was their misguided policy that has created the current conditions for war in the region. That is not praiseworthy. We are still suffering the consequences of Bill Clinton's decision to attack Yugoslavia.

This is the main part of Obama's policy positions that bothers me most- his foreign policy. He is quick to adopt the Republicrat status quo on foreign policy.... The view that the U.S. should be the global cop with an imperialist, militaristic view of international affairs. The established policy (for both Parties) has been to gain U.S. influence around the world by projecting military power.

They both gave troubling statements about Russia... they didn't seem to realize that it has been U.S. foreign policy (since the mid 1990's) that has helped to create the current conditions in Russia, both economic and political. Now they want to get tough with Russia. To me, they sounded like the Republicans. Again, it looks like we will have 4 more years of the same U.S. foreign policy, particularly as it relates to Russia, no matter who becomes the next figurehead President.

This debate reminded me of why I never originally supported Obama...

But when compared to Hillary Clinton, I support Obama 100%. This is just as much about watching Hillary go down in flames, as it is about seeing Obama become the next President. The issue of a "Black" President was never a primary issue for me... although I would like to see it. For me, having "a Black President" has never been a major factor in determining who to support.

I also didn't like his weak response to that obvious attempt by the Clinton camp to race bait, divide, and scare white voters in Ohio and Texas. I predict that this ploy (along with the attempt to swiftboat Obama using Farrakhan), along with other lies told by Clinton, will begin to take its toll on Obama.... But I am hoping that it won't be enough to allow Clinton to catch up.

Clinton did get tripped up regarding NAFTA...and that was just beautiful to watch.

Any thoughts?

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the poet Shazza said...

This debate was so much a WASTE OF AIR TIME.

The only thing I have forward to looking forward to POST DEBATE is the Technology Mafia that make up the Media making and issue out of The Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan's endorsement of Obama (as if American Muslims don't vote in America). Not that it is a major surprise because the NOI supported Obama when he was a State Senator and when he ran for US Senate.

NAFTA ... well I have my opnions about that because NO TRADE AGREEMENT the US has made in the past 25 years have ever worked in the interest of the People including the new Extended VISA decision that the Congress is trying to rush through before anyone notice.

I think, for me, the only REAL interest/Issue is Obama's and Clinton's Support of Israel. That should be the REAL topic of discussion but we all know it will be lost in the non-Issue of the NOI debate.

Brian said...

"I think, for me, the only REAL interest/Issue is Obama's and Clinton's Support of Israel. That should be the REAL topic of discussion but we all know it will be lost in the non-Issue of the NOI debate."

Wow... Shazza and I actually agree on something.