Thursday, January 18, 2007

Watch The Documentary "Sir No Sir"

Watch The Documentary Sir No Sir, about the anti-war movement among U.S. troops in the Vietnam era. Learn more about the film here.


Anonymous said...

incredibly poignant and powerful video!!

thanks for posting it... and sorry I've been slacking in here


Brian said...


Good to see that you stopped by.

No apology necessary... I know you are probably busy. I imagine that being beautiful AND trying to save the world are 2 full-time jobs. lol

Glad you liked to video.

Anonymous said...

hahaha *blushes*

you're a sweetheart.

and yeah you're right... I've actually been extremely busy the past few months of longer, with this-

...a non-profit organization we started that we've jump started and are working hard on.

Hope you've been well. It's good to see you're still dripping knowledge for folks in here. I'd expect nothing less from you :-)

I'll try not to be a stanger in here...

take care