Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Black Independent Vote

More African Americans are identifying themselves as independents. In a country almost evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, independents are quickly becoming one of the most powerful voting blocks in the nation. Independents overall are in a key position to influence elections. In fact, independents in this country have decided most of the major elections in recent years, including the 2006 Mid-Term elections, which returned control of Congress to the Democrats. Yet, independents get no respect, despite being a powerful & growing segment of the society in terms of votes.

Below is a brief public radio discussion about the growth and importance of Black independents, and of the independent movement in general. This discussion is just another reminder of how important the independent vote is in this country….and hopefully the trend will continue into the future. However, the issue also shows the need for more political parties. There can be no healthy, meaningful Democracy with only 2 major political groups controlling everything. If (we) independents formed our own political Parties, we would finally get the respect that we deserve.

Listen to a brief public radio discussion

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