Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well, Some Call It A Miracle, But It Really Comes Down to Good Old Fashion Police Work

Two Abducted Boys Found Alive
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One Boy, Ben Ownby (pictured on left), had been missing for 4 days. The other victim, Shawn Hornbeck (pictured on right), had been missing for more than 4 years. Many had given up hope for Hornbeck.

Shawn Hornbeck had been the subject of several National News stories over the past few years.

The boys were found in a suburban St. Louis apartment, rented by their captor. My hometown has once again been plunged into the international spotlight.... unfortunately for the wrong reason....although this particular part of the story was obviously good news.

And on a side note.... I got an extra dose of happiness from this story because I got to see a Black man do his thing. You should have seen it. Roland Corvington, F.B.I. Special Agent In Charge of the St. Louis region, was all over this case. This is the kind of thing that brings me joy and hope. And it was just the icing on the cake in this case.

With all the negative images of black men out there, on TV, radio, the newspaper...EVERYWHERE... It is good to see real Black men like Chief Special Agent Corvington. BTW, I happen to be a member (supporting membership) of the same professional organization that he is a member of.... an organization called NOBLE. (look it up :) ). Corvington is one of the organizations brightest lights.

Although I think my membership may have expired again... (I need to do the lifetime thing if they offer it). I first joined the organization as a student about 10 years ago...thanks to my Black Criminal Justice Professor.


Watch Video Of the News Conference Announcing that the Victims Were Located

Additional Report From KSDK TV, With Clips from the Ben Ownby News Conference.

CNN Reports that The FBI Is Likely to Pursue a Federal Case Against The Suspect.

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