Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bob James Vs. Joe Sample

I enjoy a lot of different Jazz music... especially Piano Jazz. The Piano is probably my favorite instrument to listen to.... along with the Sax.

I like the sound of both of these legends.

1. Nautilus- Bob James
2. It Happens Everyday- Joe Sample
3. Westchester Lady- Bob James
4. Street Life- Joe Sample/Crusaders (w/ Ms. Randy Crawford)
5. Angela- Bob James
6. In All My Wildest Dreams- Joe Sample
7. Altair & Vista- Bob James (w/ help from Keiko Matsui on a four hands, one piano arrangement). (pardon the skip toward the end).
8. More Beautiful Each Day- Joe Sample
9. Take Me There- Bob James
10. Road Less Travelled- Joe Sample

Listen Here- 60 mb


Anonymous said...

I love the piano as well and these two are perhaps the greatest of the non traditional jazz generation.

Brian said...

Thanks Grant!!!

I would have to agree on that one!

They weren't bad in the traditional style either....they both came along in the 60's (Joe Sample actually started in the 50's....but cut his first record in 61). But they came too late to really get the following that some of the older players had. But Joe Sample was badd back then too.

But I do prefer their Jazz/Soul fusion style of the 70's and 80's better.

Also enjoying your new site.

Keep the playlists going!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Keep the play list going Bro. I'm lovin this music man. It's great. I'm listening to it as I type. It's perfect. During one of your post. Please instructs us how to share music, as you have.

Again, I love this music. Smooth, real smooth.