Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bill OReilly Attacks Kidnap Victim Shawn Hornbeck

O’Reilly Should Apologize or Resign

Republican Party Spokesman Bill O’Reilly Attacks Missouri Kidnapping victim Shawn Hornbeck. Just when you think this scumbag could not go any lower, he outdoes himself.

Bill O’Reilly stated on his program that Shawn’s “experience in captivity was fun"….and that "he liked it”. According to O’Reilly, Shawn Hornbeck enjoyed being victimized by his captor…. A man who will go down in history as one of the worst child predators of all time.
O'Reilly was asserting that since Hornbeck did not try to get away.... he must have liked it.

I have seen a lot of outrageous things from Bill O’Reilly, but this just goes over the top. This goes way beyond anything that I have seen from this guy before.

Fox News should get rid of this creep or, at the very least, they should make him apologize. However, Fox News is unlikely to take this step because O’Reilly generates high ratings for the company…. and Fox has no moral character whatsoever. By keeping O’Reilly on the network after this, Fox will show a lot of people what they are all about (those who didn’t already know).
This guy is the face of the Republican Party.

I take this one a little personal because the snake has slithered his way into my neck of the woods where he doesn’t belong. It’s clear that he does not know what the hell he is talking about. His profound ignorance is clear in his statements.

I could not let this go without challenging it, and neither should anyone else.

Watch The Video of Bill O'Reilly Making His Sick Comments


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Anonymous said...

I watched Bill faithfully...(sometimes more than once in one evening.)I love Fox, but this airing has made my stomach turn...I really think the man is loosing his mind... I vote for him being replaced. Apparently he has been on too long. And I have noticed none of the hosts on other Fox shows agree with him..He messed up before with his own personal scandal, and I forgave him..But I vote to boycott this show until someone else takes control..Too late to appologize...

Anonymous said...

It truely is a shame that someone like you Bill OReilly must stoop to making abusive statements about an 11 year old kidnapped victim to gain notarity and publicity. What is this world coming to when we as a nation don't understand what it must have been like for an 11 year old to live with such a man.

"I have heard very few ask the that Devlin had Ben, what were his plans for Shawn.... "

I just can't believe you are so in desperate for publicity that you make such stupid, inconsiderate statements. How sad a man you are....perhaps we could arrange for you to be held captive for a few years with a 300 pound man to use you for his own pleasures

OR ARE YOU one of these men who hurts sound as if you may be...perhaps you should be investigated..child molestors come in all shapes and walks of life... but most of them are you....


Does freedom of speech really give us the right to harm this child more? Does it?

I hope you get fired..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is just the latest offense by Bill the Bully...alongside his defense of the Nazis at Malmedy, and his telling Jews to "go to Israel" if they wish to celebrate Hanukkah.

I certainly hope and pray for Bill to pay for his offense, if you will, with his career.

Anonymous said...

He's an absolute idiot!! Possibly he and Ann Coulter were twins who were separated at birth. They both seem to have the same amount of sense (NONE!!!).

Anonymous said...

I understand you will be coming to st. louis on march 16th to raise money for your friend Zip....maybe we can arrange you to meet with Shawn Hornbeck so he can tell you how living with Devlin was like being at Disney world....perhaps you could introduce him to your daughters also so he can share with them the advantage of being kidnapped over living with parents like you....think that might be good for all of you? I notice if you mention the fact that YOU have children you don't post the blogs...why is that? Don't trust that maybe there are people like Devlin all over the world? There are.....have you apologized to Shawn yet?

Anonymous said...

I agree with O'Reilly. It is imperative that we look at all situations with logic instead of emotion only -- even if the logical possibilities may be uncomfortable , or offensive to some people.

Kidnapping and abuse are obviously terrible crimes. People and children who experience these events as victims react in varied ways to the trauma that they go through, and I think it is a completely fair and legitimate question to ask why this is.

I heard recently about a young African American girl I believe she was 7 or 8) who was kidnapped, beated, restrained with duct tape and locked in a basement. As soon as she was left alone, she chewed through her restraints, broke the window, escaped and saved herself. Just last week (November 15, 2007) a young Brooklyn girl was grabbed from behind by a man who tried to drag her away to abduct her and she bit his hand and escaped. I think that these girls represent a natural fight-or-flight instinct. Even if "stockholm syndrome" is real, you have to ask what causes the people who have it to have less or none of the fight-or-flight instinct that every animal species on Earth possesses.

Obviously, in the case of Shawn Hornbeck he had ample opportunity to escape (even being picked up out alone at night by police for curfew violation and having the police return him to his captor, never telling his true idenity) and he did not. O'Reilly speculates that Hornbeck must have enjoyed some aspect of his "captivity", and while this may or may not be the case, the circumstances of his captivity beg the question of what it is that is 'a little off' about Shawn Hornbeck?

Anonymous said...

as a victim of such a crime i can tell you that in no way at all did this boy deserve this comment at all. bill is a sick desgusting ingnorate person to say such a think and has obviously never been or known someone in this situation. when you feel like you have no way out you survive with what you have it is our survival instinct that carries us through life. this boy did what his instinct was telling him to do. from what i have seen on this case he was threatened with harm not just to him but to his family. i can say from experience that that i senough to keep any 11 year olds mouth shut and shut tight. once a person even a child feels the kind of personal violation that he has and millions of others like him have they will do anything to protect other including there loved ones from getting hurt. he did what he had to to survive and unless you are in that situation you will never know what you would do or could do. don't be so quick to judge a child for there actions. no matter what he could have or should have done that bastard should have never touch him or anyother child for that matter. JUST TO CLAIRFY ONE POINT BILL SHOULD NOT ONLY LOOSE HIS JOB AND APOLOGIZE HE SHOULD NEVER BEABLE TO EVER WORK ON TELEVISION AGAIN. TO SLANDER THIS CHILD MAKES HIM LESS A PREDATOR THAN THE MAN THAT KIDNAPPED AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTED HIM. FOX SHOULD THINK BEFORE THEY ALLOW HIM TO OPEN HIS FOWL MOUTH AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

I was badly abused from nine years old until sixteen. I wasn't held captive, each time I was free to go home but I was told 'If you ever tell anyone anywhere I will know and where ever you are I will find you and I will kill you how ever long it takes' It was only the mans arrest on unrelated charges that stopped our 'relationship'. Yet still I didn't trust that he wouldn't turn up and finish me.And hear is the strange rub, a part of me protected him, why I do not know. I was still thinking this way when I was a young man and only gradually did it occur to me that I was now old enough to deal with him if he did try to come for me. This is the point, you still think of yourself as a child, you cannot break free from the hidden fear in your mind. I am now sixty four and yet I can still see this mans eyes and the way he looked at me. Those eyes still chill me.Unless you've been through this you can never really understand. Shawn has enough to adjust to without this.