Thursday, January 25, 2007

Follow The 2008 Presidential Primaries Here

Follow The 2008 Presidential Primaries

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See How The Media Plays a Bigger Role In Choosing Presidents Than Voters Do
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January 2008

The Aftermath of Iowa

Candidates From Both Parties Excluded from New Hampshire Debate

America Showed Its Best Face In Iowa

Notice The Media Blackout of John Edwards? I Noticed It too.

Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte Stand With John Edwards

A Review of the Medias Coverage of the Iowa Caucus

Meditations on the 2008 Presidential Race - From Blogger Liberal Arts Dude

The Impact of Corporate Media

The Rise of Obama - Can He Win A General Election?

Obama Chats With Brian Williams

Hillary Wins New Hampshire

John Edwards Steps out of the Race

Senator Ted Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama

Obama Wins South Carolina

Caroline Kennedy Endorses Obama
John McCain Has More Wars In Store For You


Radio Discussion About The Republicans and the General Election (good program)

Ethel Kennedy & Susan Eisenhower Endorse Obama

Obama Pulls A Miracle on Super Tuesday

Barack Obama - Yes We Can

Obama's Super Tuesday Win - The Morning After

The Asian and Latino Vote

Clean Sweep For Obama - He Wins Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana and the Virgin Islands

Hillary Clinton Getting Support From Ann Coulter

Obama Trounces Clinton in Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana, and the Virgin Islands

Obama Wins Maine

Obama Speaking at Jefferson- Jackson Dinner in Virginia

Clinton Camp in State of Panic

Obama Wins Potomac Primary

Julian Bond Sells His Soul, Supports Clinton and Her Dirty Politics

Worried About Super Delegates Hijacking Democracy?

Obama and Public Financing

Wisconsins Largest Newspaper Endorses Barack Obama

Nancy Pelosi Leaning Towards Obama

MSNBC moves the Goal Posts for Clinton, Attacks Obama

Clinton Advisor Wants Florida and Michigan Delegates Included, even though there was no campaigning in those States. Those States were officially off limits.

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