Sunday, January 21, 2007

Suspect In Litvinenko Case Has Been Identified

British Police have identified a suspect in the Litvinenko assassination.

It appears that the thugs who run Russia may have played some role in the death of Mr. Litvinenko. How will Britian and the U.S. react?

The U.S., Britian, Canada, and any other targeted nations, should at the very least eliminate Russian spies from their territory. That includes spies acting as diplomats.
During the height of the "Cold War" (which probably never really ended, thanks to U.S. negligence) the purging of diplomats and spies every year or so was not uncommon. It looks like the World is regressing back to Cold War practices.

The U.S. and Britain are aware of the intense spy activity by Russia, but have not done much (publicly) to deal with the problem. KICK THEM OUT!!! Eliminate (or at least reduce) the threat. The CIA, with its lack of human resources, is in such dismal shape that the U.S. probably cannot counter very well.

These people should not be allowed into Britain or the U.S., if they are involved in these kinds of activities. And after they are kicked out, there should be a limit on how many Russian "diplomats" are allowed to operate in Britain, the U.S. and other countries.

More information about the group of thugs who now run Russia. They have created what is basically a dictatorship in Russia controlled by former KGB or current Security Force officers (FSB).

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