Sunday, January 28, 2007

Abraham Lincoln and Slavery Revisited

African American Political Pundit says: For those blacks (and whites) who think that Abraham Lincoln was "all that" regarding black slavery, check out the post from the good folks at Black Agenda Report. I guess Lincoln felt the blood, sweat, tears, rape and suffering of African-American slaves did not warrant them staying in the United States to experience the American Dream. After all, America and it's major corporations were built on the backs of the American slave.

But then again Lincoln may have known we were about to experience an American Nightmare-Jim Crow.

Hat Tip: Black Agenda Report

by BAR Staff

lincoln and colored infantry

At the beginning of the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln wasn't contemplating an Emancipation Proclamation, but wholesale deportation of Blacks - slave and newly freed alike. Problem was, Lincoln wasn't sure where to send the human cargo. A look at Lincoln's 1861 State of the Union Address.


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Brian said...

Thanks AAPP.

Very interesting information.

I always wondered why so many Black folks see him as some sort of hero figure.

And do you notice how Republicans always tout Lincoln when they are trying to appeal to Black folks?