Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Big Political Nightmare Comes True- Hillary Clinton To Run For President

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The nightmare is finally a reality. Hillary Clinton announces that she is running for President.

An even worse nightmare would be Clinton surviving the Primaries and winning the Democratic nomination. I'm sure the Republican Party is thrilled about this announcement. They are keeping their fingers crossed for a Clinton win. Hillary Clinton getting the nomination would mean an easy campaign for McCain or any other top Republican.

I'm not too concerned. The Democratic field is coming together as well as could be expected and I believe that the other candidates on the Democratic side will be able to handle Hillary without too much difficulty. But I am concerned about lopsided media coverage that may favor her because she is the novelty candidate and the "frontrunner" that the media created.

The whole field is weak on both sides..... but there are enough alternatives to Hillary Clinton to allow voters ample opportunity to avoid this catastrophe. I just hope the voters don't fall for the media created superstar. Hopefully voters will look at the issues, her record, and her electability.

Hillary will have a hard time hiding from her record as Senator of New York, and as First Lady. I hope the gloves come off. Her cozy relationship with the Republican Party and her pro-war tendencies MUST also be highlighted as many times as possible by her opponents. I know that there will be reluctance to take the gloves off because she is "Mrs. Clinton"..... But too hell with all that! If she can't stand the heat, she has no business in the Kitchen.

She has also gone back and forth on her stance on issues so many times that I don't believe that even she can keep up with her own positions anymore. She doesn't seem to be able to come up with many of her own ideas or take a solid position on important issues (she rides the bandwagon of others), and when she does take a position on something, she often can't stick with it. It's one thing to be open minded, flexible and to recognize problems and be willing to adjust based on changing realities... that's just being smart. However, this is not what Hillary seems to do. Instead, she seems to change with the wind.

I hope Edwards and Kusinich never let up on Hillary. Hopefully she will drop out halfway through the Primaries.

And I wish people would stop talking about how historic this is and how this is "a first". Nonsense! Hillary isn't the first woman to run for high office. Geraldine Ferraro was actually a part of a nominated ticket 23 years ago (although as VP). Theoretically, Ferraro got closer (by actually being nominated as VP) than Hillary will likely get. And has the world forgotten about Margaret Chase Smith (64), Shirley Chisholm (72), Ellen McCormack (76), and Carol Mosely Braun (04)? These were all women who ran for President and blazed that trail a long time ago. Hillary Clinton is not even the only First Lady to run for President.

And there have been several Black Presidential candidates. Stop with the excessive glorification of Obama as being some sort of trailblazer. Jesse L. Jackson already knocked down that door.... Not to mention the other African Americans who have also run for President. Furthermore, there have been a few Black Americans elected to the Senate before Obama.

I also don't like the idea of Hillary running because I don't want to see another Clinton in office (although the chances are remote). There should be a law preventing this from happening in the first place. A Hillary win would mark 28 consecutive years of Bush/Clinton administrations (and would = 32 years by the end of her first term). Of course i'm counting George H.W's time as VP. That's a dictatorship, not a Democracy (not as if The USA is a Democracy anyway..but you get my point). I didn't like Slick Willy's policies (foreign policy in particular) and I have no reason to believe that Hillary's foreign policy would be any better. Having a Clinton in office during these challenging times is just about as bad as having a Republican in office. To be honest, I would probably rather have a thoughtful, tactful, cautious (tread lightly) Moderate Republican like Chuck Hagel in office, than a pro-war interventionist Democrat like Hillary Clinton. But in a country like this, there are really no good choices.... It's always a choice between the lesser of two evils. The problem is... all of them are imperialists & pro-war at heart...regardless of Party. That is the foundation of U.S. Foreign policy. Foreign Policy is one of the few areas where both Parties are basically the same. This is why there needs to be a fundamental change in how the U.S. deals with the World. This is one of the few good things that may come out of the Iraq fiasco... it may cause a rethinking of U.S. foreign policy.


The African American Political Pundit Also Posted About the Clinton Announcement. See his comments here.

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Anonymous said...

Given the title of the blog, it's a good thing America loves horror movies. There is no country who seems to love the suspense more. Isn't that why they are made - to sell tickets?

If Hillary scares America, horrow movies should never be made.

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