Saturday, January 27, 2007

University of Connecticut Students Celebrate Black Culture

There has been yet another celebration by White Suburbanites, mocking so-called Black culture. This seems to be common... and I wonder how many of these incidents take place that we don't hear about.

This is the modern day version of Whites doing Blackface. I hope the Black Rap Community feels proud when this nonsense happens, because they are largely responsible for the reputation they have created for their people. They make these kinds of incidents more likely.

Will Blacks ever be able to escape these kinds of attacks and this negative reputation?

I say no.... not as long as Black youth respect rappers more than they respect their parents, grandparents and their teachers. And not as long as those "elders" are falling down on the job (parenting). We need 10,000 more Bill Cosby's.

I'm not letting the White students off the hook by any means. But these folks are all around us... (they just don't always reveal their racism). We can't get away from them, so we have to find a way to live on the same planet with them. And not that the depictions were 100% inaccurate. I myself hate the "commercial rap culture" for the unmitigated damage that it has done to Black folks. But these race parties are still offensive because of the ignorance and the stereotypes involved.

When will White folks end the stereotyping? I'm a victim of it everyday.... I'm telling you...racism should be reclassified as terrorism. And this kind of American terrorism cuts deep.


Here is information regarding a similar incident in Texas.


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RachelsTavern said...

While I think many rappers, record execs, and fans are culpible in some for their actions in promoting minstrelsy, I think whites anti-black attitudes predate this.

This is a revival of the 1800s.

Anonymous said...

Sad isn't it, it seems the more education thy get the more ignorant they become :(

Brian said...

Thanks Rachel...

I agree that this kind of attitude predates the current era. But I believe that Rappers are not making matters any better. Much of the rap community are actually making matters worse by living up to these stereotypes and thus reinforcing these depictions of Blacks as criminals, ignorant, oversexed, and as general "problems".

Love your site btw.

Brian said...

Field... you are correct.

At the very least, they seem to lack common sense & good judgement.