Friday, October 02, 2009

UN Report Slams Israel - Finds Evidence of War Crimes

The final UN report on the war in Gaza has been issued, and it found that Israel (and Hamas) were guilty of targeting civilians. The report found that Israel should be held accountable for war crimes. See Related report.

Unfortunately Israel, with help from the U.S., is in the process of making the report go away. No action will be taken. But if Israel was not closely aligned with UN Security Council members, and was just the avg. nation, it would face serious consequences, including UN Security Council action, and very serious sanctions, including war crimes proceedings in the Hague.

But Israel will dodge all of that.... because it's a U.S. Protectorate...basically the 51st State....and it can do anything that it wants. This is why other nations don't really respect the UN, or very many of the resolutions that it passes, because of the way that justice is unequally served. Some Countries are held accountable, while U.S. allies get away with just about anything. Other Countries recognize the unfairness and the double standard, and end up caring less about their responsibilities. In a way this just undermines the whole premise for the establishment of the UN.

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