Monday, October 12, 2009

The Insurance Industry Continues Its SCAM


The Angry Independent said...

Interesting how they changed their minds at the last minute....

Probably had something to do with the fact that the Bill wouldn't do enough to guarantee that Americans would be forced to buy private insurance (a mandate that would have pumped more money into the health insurance was one of the reasons why the industry supported so-called "Reform" in the first place...they anticipated getting a huge windfall). Now that it isn't clear that they will be able to gauge us...or to what extent they can take advantage of us... they want to whine all of a sudden.

They were never really on board with any meaningful reform... they were trying to play good guy as a way to get leverage so that they could get what they wanted when it came to actually writing the legislation.

rikyrah said...

it's true, AI.

it was about Chuck Schumer's amendments watered down the fines, which means, no captive new customers.

only a stupid moron believed they were on board in the first place.