Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Olympics, Obama, And Patriotism

Paul Krugman calls it The Politics of Spite. What's that, you say? Good question.

Republicans and conservatives openly cheered when Chicago was denied the right to host the Olympics. There are certainly eloquent, logical reasons to not want to host the Olympics. But, that's not why these conservatives cheered. It was outright hostility to Obama and they want to see him defeated.

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Ironically, George W. Bush supported Chicago's Olympic bid. I seriously doubt conservatives would be caught cheering Chicago's loss has John McCain been elected president. Weired, huh? Not too often that Democrats revel in being more patriotic than Republicans.

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The Angry Independent said...

Strange to see Americans cheering their own Country's failure. But they have proudly made it known that they want the Country to fail - so that Obama will fail. They want Obama to be brought down or to look weakened even if it means harm to the nation.

It's a sign of the political and social times we are living in. I didn't realize that there was so much repressed hatred and racism in this Country..... well... I'm not naive, I knew there was a lot of this out there...but I didn't realize how deep it really ran until last year, during the campaign.

I bet folks in other Countries wonder what in the World is going on in the U.S., when they see citizens celebrating the failure of their home Country.