Saturday, October 17, 2009

Charges To Be Filed in Balloon Boy Fiasco - Why Am I Not Surprised?

Authorities are seeking charges against Richard Heene, the father of the 6 year old who was reportedly trapped in an experimental balloon in Colorado earlier this week. My instincts were telling me that something was not right about this story right from the start. Certain things just didn't add up.

And the more I learn about the Heene's, the more I realize how good my instincts are.

The media just loves the sensational...(it doesn't actually matter if it's really newsworthy or not)....and they all want to be first to bring you the non-news. Just consider all of the more important stories that they broke away from or neglected because of this nonsense.... (President Obama's New Orleans trip for one).

And as I suspected...this family appears to be a mess. Richard Heene looks like a piece of work... He looks wasted to me. It's no surprise that authorities with Colorado family services have also launched an investigation.

I wonder how many poor urban kids were killed, attacked, or went missing that day and couldn't get news coverage even if their families begged (because their stories aren't sensational enough to be a money-maker for the corporate media)?

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