Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama's Critics Aren't Driven By Racism, They Simply Don't Like His Policies

Well folks.... here's yet another example of Republican outrage against Obama's policies. (yeah, whatever). I'm wondering if I should start cataloging all of these incidents. Now I would expect this from the Birthers, from Glenn Beck, from Rush "Boss Hog" "Leader of the Republican Party" Limbaugh, Tea Partiers or those crazy Aryan Nation folks. But this was posted on an RNC affiliated webpage. Something was finally done about this little problem after Progressives started talking. Apparently Republicans weren't motivated to do anything about it on their own for 5 days.

This is part of a pattern with the Right. And their response is always so predictable....(let's all say it together)..... "But...we're not racists".

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ch555x said...

...and to think this just flew over my head since I had already thought it was some ol' musty tactic w/ the chicken and all. It is pretty weak...