Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mr. President, Please Tell Me My Tax Dollars Aren't Going to the Reverend

Please tell me my money isn't paying for any of this....

Hopefully Congress isn't asleep at the wheel once again when it comes to its oversight responsibilities. I already didn't have a lot of confidence in Arne Duncan. Making Reverend Al an Ambassador for education isn't going to help Duncan win over any skeptics.

I would much rather see Mrs. Obama taking the lead on education reform. When I start seeing Civil Rights Inc. slithering around the White House, I begin to wonder if there should be an audit. Obama is far too cozy with Civil Rights Inc. The same goes for former leaders of the Republican Party who are still working against Progressive interests.

I just hope tax money isn't covering the cost of the good Rev's travel, Limo's, and nights out on the town with a model and former Rap video vixen, or any other woman for that matter (most of you all should know how I feel about Rap, Rap culture, and current Black culture...those who are regular readers certainly should know. So I won't go into one of my rage filled essays this time). But if I find out my money is funding this in any way... they might have to put me in a padded room.

I don't even want to believe that this could be going on when i'm currently under-employed and can't pay my bills (let alone enjoy life...enjoying life is a fantasy at this point). I could think of a million other ways that Duncan's federal funds could be better spent (like actually creating good jobs for example, as opposed to just talking about creating them).

Right now i'm willing to wait and see what this turns out to be... But so far, it doesn't look so good. Just what kind of education is the Rev. promoting?

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