Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Killing of Derrion Albert, Part 2

Angry Independent asked me to discuss further my thoughts on the situation. The situation is that we have a criminal element in the Black Community that is coddled and made excuses for, over and over. This was a good kid. This kid did EVERYTHING that we ask a Black kid to do these days. He even overcame the 'code of silence' and WENT TO ADULTS TELLING THEM ABOUT THE THREATS AGAINST HIM.

WHY wasn't he protected.


Four of the animals that killed him are in custody. WHERE ARE THE REST?

For the gutless coward who took the damn video, I didn't hear anyone yelling repeatedly CALL 9-1-1. You stood around WATCHING, as this young man was being MURDERED.


These are URBAN TERRORISTS, and they are ripping the soul out of our community. IF they would take one another out, I'll be blunt, I wouldn't care. But, they seem to be bound and determined to kill those young people who ACTUALLY WANT TO DO SOMETHING WITH THEIR LIVES.

I heard one of the relatives of the Urban Terrorist charged with the same song and dance. They need to be slapped.

too many people there for there not to be more charged. HUNT THEM DOWN. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.

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Citizen Ojo said...

I'm not a lawyer but I wish we could charge gangs under terrorist laws because they are urban terrorists. I wish we could also charge drug dealers with genocide because they are murders of a particular race. We could have their trials at the world court and lock them up or maybe worse. Just thinking out loud I guess....