Friday, October 02, 2009

I Told You Obama Would Be Treated Differently as President

Back in 2007 and 2008 I mentioned several times that if Obama became President that he would be held to a different standard. I wrote that he would be treated differently because of his background.... that every move he made would be magnified. I knew that he would be scrutinized more aggressively for everything. I also stated that the hatred and the threats against him would be far worse than what we have seen before.... all of this because of his race.

And although I am not shocked that all of this has come true.... I have to admit that it has turned out to be even worse than what I envisioned back during the campaign.

I mean...the idea that the President of the United States wouldn't be able to talk to the nation's youth.... that's something that I wouldn't have thought would cause such a backlash. Then there are the constant threats against him.... not to mention the racist comments, and the racist jokes (I deal with this at work...with my White Co-workers telling me their Obama jokes as if I should appreciate the laugh). You have these Right Wing racist radio hosts working to get their followers so excited that they might resort to violence. You even have Republicans calling for violent revolution and a military Coup against Obama.

And now a school in New Jersey is under attack because students were recorded singing a Pro-Obama song, praising ideas like equal pay for equal work, etc. Just to be clear.... I think the idea of students singing a Pro-Obama song was stupid...and the Teacher should have been admonished. Students shouldn't praise any President, political party, or religion. But, this was part of a larger event to celebrate the contributions of Black Americans, as part of Black History Month. Again.... I don't think that this was a good idea during school hours....and I am also not a fan of having Black History month celebrations during school hours either. There are all sorts of problems with that situation... especially in schools where there are non-Blacks. Instead, "Black History" should be treated as American History...and it should be included in the standard texts....providing plenty of material for students year round as opposed to being treated as some sort of separate anomaly.

That being said.... I find it interesting that White parents, Right Wing xenophobes (or should I call them the "White-Wing"), and Fox Noise & their friends in Talk Radio are so up in arms about this, when there was no national outcry (wall to wall news coverage) when Bush talked to America's schoolchildren, not even when he asked them to send money to Afghanistan to support his war effort...and to help soften the package of his foreign policy. Nope. No reports from Fox Noise about indoctrination then.
Nor was there a major outcry when kids were singing the praises of Bush after his Katrina failure (how f-----g ironic is that?).

Hell, we can go back to President Eisenhower.... There was no big uproar about Ike attempting to indoctrinate children because of the catchy songs and cartoons that were made about him....songs that would obviously get the attention of young people.

Yes, folks were singing about Ike in the 50's.Some of the songs were quite popular (because the man was the hero of the War). A near Cult had built up around Ike for a while. But no one was calling for Ike's head. I'm not equating the two men....but there is a certain respect that the office of President should provide....a level of respect that Whites are now attempting to deprive a man because of his DNA.

The only difference is that Barack Obama is Black (Biracial) and all these other Presidents were White. There have been plenty of Progressive White Presidents who didn't deal with this kind of hatred. I wish these damn parents would just come out and say what's really bothering them....what's really making them feel so uncomfortable. But instead they duck and dodge the real issue and make up some other lame excuse. Their ducking, dodging and denials are almost as bad as their racism, ignorance and xenophobia.

I think this madness is probably going to continue, even after Obama leaves office.... especially when it gets to the point where schools are named for him. Most of the former Presidents have schools named in their honor....and I can imagine how crazy White Parents are going to get over that. They will likely threaten to withdraw their children from any school named for Obama.... they will send death threats to members of school boards and city councils (just like they have threatened to kill administrators at the New Jersey School district....although the idiots called the wrong school), and they'll boycott and protest. They are going to go ape s--t crazy.

But no.... it's not about race.... Race has nothing to do with this at all. ""We just disagree with his policies", so they say.

Of course that excuse is becoming more and more ridiculous, since it can no longer be used as a logical explanation. It has been fun and interesting to watch the mental gymnastics take place as people have been forced to stretch and contort this excuse to cover up their hate and racial prejudice.


rikyrah said...

you were right, and I thought it would be this bad. nothing shocks me. saddens, yes, but shock - nope.

Anonymous said...

barack obama is the best thing that has ever happened to america, and i hope eventually racism will stop being bread and spread like poison in the hearts of americans. we are all people, all of us are citizens of earth. we are all equal... all of us except those racist bastards.

Jennifer- Ontario-Canada