Monday, October 26, 2009

Comedian Lee Camp on net neutrality: Internet F*cking Freedom vs. Slow Porn

hat tip - Jack Turner


The Angry Independent said...

*SMH* I wonder about you all over at JJP sometimes. You all seem to have too much fun.

It's sad...but this is actually mostly true. Sometimes you have to change and dumb down language when trying to push a good (even essential) initiative to the American public.

It's just like the healthcare situation... Obama should have called the public option Medicare (expanded) from the start. Support would have been up....and he would have undercut crazy right wing arguments before they could even come out with the propaganda.

Luckily, it looks like Obama is moving in the right direction on Net Neutrality. I have not read about any major problems so far....not since he started putting his people in place at the FCC. Julius Genachowski is a Net Neutrality supporter.

rikyrah said...

I thought this was hilarious and on point, and sometimes, you have to slap people with a cast iron skillet for them to see the truth in front of them.