Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Cardinals Suck

At least they sucked last night. I'm not giving up completely yet.

This is one of the weaker Cardinal teams to make it to the playoffs in recent years. The 2006 World Series team was stronger...and the 2004 team was an even stronger powerhouse, winning 105 games. Even the teams of the late 90's were better than this one. All those teams had great hitters....a lot of power all the way up and down the hitting line-up.

Unfortunately the Cardinals don't have enough strong hitters this year....(although they have a few), and their pitching is too spotty. Their pitching has always been a problem.... since it's an organization that doesn't spend tens of millions building a team around pitching, like most of the other top teams do. The Cards always try to make do with mostly mediocre pitchers. Outside of their #1 and #2 pitchers, they don't really have anything. And Tony La Russa doesn't use the few decent bullpen pitchers he has very effectively.

It will be a miracle if they can avoid being eliminated in the first round.


Andre said...

If you think the Cardinals suck, try being a Tigers' fan.

Carry on.

The Angry Independent said...


You have my sympathies. I knew the Lions were bad...but I didn't realize how bad the Tigers were. lol

The cards bit the dust again last night.
Maybe LA should just put them out of their misery this weekend.