Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama’s Comments on His Nobel Award


The Angry Independent said...

Probably the most important thing he did here was stating (admitting and making clear) that he didn't deserve it....but that he recognizes it as an award that would encourage him to work towards peace.

By him making this acknowledgment... i'm willing to embrace it. He also seemed to accept the award on behalf of a much wider group.

I think this prize will be a good thing for him... (and my earlier assessment was on the mark). The Nobel Committee was looking to weigh in to influence future policy.

This also gives me something else that I could refer to when Obama behaves in ways that run counter to the ideals of the prize. It's another tool for holding him accountable.

It definitely has a different ring to it when put in the right context.

rikyrah said...

I wasn't against him getting it; I was just stunned. I felt like those reporters who you could HEAR THE GASPS when it was announced. I checked in to JJP in the morning, saw that the replies were large for that time in the morning, and then checked the column for recent comments and saw Obama and Nobel Peace Prize in the same sentence and went HUH?

I didn't grasp how the rest of the world viewed the election in 2008 or how his steps since then have been viewed. I honestly believe that he probably would have gotten it anyway, because I DO believe he's going to work out that 2 state solution of Palestine and Israel, no matter what insanity Bibby is pulling.