Friday, October 02, 2009

Rep. Grayson Shocks Wolf Blitzer by Revealing a Backbone

Although I don't agree completely with his approach, I like the fact that he showed that he at least had some guts.

I was more perplexed by the reaction of the talking heads on CNN's Situation Room.
Their shock really says a lot. Their attitude was "How dare you offend Republican members of Congress by calling them out as obstructionists and by asking to see their plan for Healthcare Reform". "How dare you mention that 45,000 Americans die every year due to a lack of Healthcare". ("Just who do you think you are Rep. Grayson"?)

Earth to Wolf Blitzer.... it is about time that someone offended Republican members of Congress. They have been offending Democrats and the rest of the Country on an almost daily basis with their antics for years now.... and CNN barely says a word. With the exception of Rick Sanchez, there isn't much going on at CNN in terms of skeptical journalism, reporting facts, and challenging guests.

Damn right he called out Republicans, rattled their cage, and offended a few. That shouldn't necessarily be seen as a bad thing. Did you notice CNN's default position? Their default position is that Republicans deserve defending and shouldn't be called out... that the very thought of challenging them is somehow a sign of disrespect. Right Wing interests have been dominating the debate for so long in this Country (on a variety of issues) that the idea of someone challenging their position somehow seems abnormal or absurd even to a major news outlet like CNN. Truly a telling moment.

Then they equate Grayson's methods with Confederate Congressman Joe Wilson yelling at the President during a speech before a joint session of Congress....our nations (and the Presidents) most formal activity. Unbelievable!

CNN over the years has morphed into a Fox-lite network. I tell folks that all Progressives have is NPR and about 1/2 of MSNBC. That's about it. The rest of the media (radio, TV news, Print) is either a toss up....or is firmly in the Republican Conservative camp.... which is why the public discourse is so screwed up and out of balance in this Country. If some form of the Fairness Doctrine doesn't materialize and materialize soon.... Progressives will be permanently locked out in terms of having a voice in this Country....and the difficulties that Obama and Progressives have now will be nothing compared to how bad it's eventually going to get. The media (largely controlled by Right wing voices or by corporate entities who share Right wing interests) is already taking Obama through a meat grinder.... not only is it distorting the debate....but it's changing the rules regarding how we debate in this Country....rules that of course favor one side over the other. If Obama and Progressives don't do something soon about this.... they can forget about their agenda. (I was warning about this stuff way back in 1999 and 2000.) Unfortunately, Progressives still aren't paying attention to this problem.


rikyrah said...

how wonderful is Grayson? saw his initial presentation on the floor of Congress in a coffeeshop - we were all cracking up and cheering him.

he totally rocks, and 3 on 1 meant nothing to him. he bitchslapped all of them...


Liberal Arts Dude said...

Hehehe.. a Democrat with guts! I love it! AI is right that without their own mass media infrastructure having their back, these voices will tend to be drowned out by the Republican, right-wing mass media machine in the long term.

I'd like to see a Progressive movement and mass media develop that goes beyond the the strategy of electing Democrats as the measure of success. Although I have developed great respect for Rep. Grayson, populist Democrats with guts like him are not the norm but the exception.