Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Roundup of the Weeks Events - Dissecting the Democratic Primary

NPR's On Point Radio program breaks down the Democratic Primary, and takes a look at other events from the past week.

Jack Beatty: "Race (ethnicity) becoming a Factor in Democratic Primary"

.... Beatty goes on to mention the issue of negative images of Black Americans in media and in the Popular Culture....and how that may impact perceptions among the White electorate. He is 110% right. The panel also tells the truth about the race strategy that Clinton has engaged in... to mark Obama as "The Black Candidate" who should be feared by voters.

I just want to grab these pro-Rap people by their necks when they start talking their apologist nonsense about the negative images, the embrace & worship of the street thug Rap culture in so-called "Black America", and the rampant crime that has consumed Black communities.

Those who say that this stuff isn't damaging... that the image of Black Americans in the U.S. and around the World is just fine... must have two sets of blinders on.

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