Friday, March 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton as VP? Unacceptable Mr. Obama!

Obama must refuse, reject, and denounce any idea of having Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

After all that she has done...the racism, race baiting, the fearmongering, stirring xenophobia, the smears, the lies and distortions....the McCain remarks.... She must be really delusional & crazy to believe that she would make a viable VP choice.

It really comes down to a question of political practicality and common sense. Why should Obama be forced by Party bosses to take on a huge liability that would hurt his chances in the General Election (and a huge liabilty is all Clinton would be)? Her negatives are high and her likability is low. She is one of the most divisive & toxic figures in American politics.... a non-starter for a President who would be tasked with bringing the Country together after entering the White House. Such a choice would make absolutely no sense.

Having Clinton on the ticket would also rally the Republicans, and activate their less than enthusiastic Party. This would hurt Obama's chances for victory in November. A VP must bring something positive to the table. Clinton brings a truckload of negatives. This would also be a way to humiliate Obama. Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment should not be given the pleasure of making this happen.

Obama must choose a seasoned political figure for a running mate, preferably someone with "real experience"....not an embellished resume. His running mate should also have a background in international affairs and must have an impressive military history. This will blunt many of the attacks from McCain in the Fall. The only thing that McCain can run on is his military background...and he is going to play it for all it's worth.

So who will get the VP spot? I don't know. I don't even have a possible short list....but I will start doing some checking on that question. Many of the people who I had in mind early on...have turned out to be in the Clinton camp. But there are plenty of other candidates who could fit the desired requirements mentioned...

Obama should actually begin discussing what his Cabinet will look like...because he really has to reassure voters in some of the remaining States in this Primary, and as he enters that General Election...that he is still a viable candidate and that he would have a strong leadership team that will be respected in the world and that could be counted on.


rikyrah said...

Fist in Air, AI!!

Fist in Air

I agree with every single word

Admiral Komack said...

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton if she gets the Democratic nomination for President, and I don't give a damn who her VP is!

jjbrock said...

Great article! I agree 100% she has done to much damaged. She has lost all creditability with me. He don't even need to think about her as a running mate. I think maybe Edwards.

Phil said...

Let's keep voting instead of arguing or speculating. Instant, anonymous voting on all important cabinet posts:

A.F. said...

I agree, A.I. HRC does appear to be the most polarizing figure in politics. I wonder how John Kerry would fare as Obama's running mate? He has the military experience and now everybody understands what "swiftboating" is. But he voted for the war. I wonder if Al Gore would consider it. Probably not.

The Angry Independent said...


Kerry could possibly make a good choice, however, he is damaged goods. He may also be too vulnerable in a General Election because of his anti-war stance, both now....and 35 years ago. But he is definitely qualified. The man is Super-qualified. He should have gotten the nod in 04. He won 3debates and still lost the election (because he didn't have the media). It shows the advantage when you have the media on your side (as Bush did).... with Conservatives controlling TV punditry, AM Talk radio, and with the Religious Right staking ownership of Jesus Christ....and controlling religious thought (by controlling the moral/religious debate). Now Clinton is the one who has the media on her side...but hopefully it won't be enough to win her the nomination. Even the Conservative media seems to prefer her over Obama...because she would rally the Republican Party.

Gore? He wouldn't make a good choice (the world has changed too much since he was VP)... also, I don't think he wants the job.

Furthermore, it would be hard for Obama to argue on one hand for change...removing the same cast of characters, and turning the page, while at the same time, picking Clinton's VP- essentially taking a step back IMO.

I will post a list of possible Obama running mates today (if I have the time). Of course he will probably choose someone out of the blue or someone who won't help him win the general election.
Conventional Wisdom has been on shaky ground so far in this election season. (although I wouldn't call my VP line-up conventional...some would be fairly "out of the box" choices).

The Angry Independent said...

Thank you Rikyrah!

Do you see what they are doing in Mississippi? They are trying to trick folks into voting for Hillary...because she would pick Obama as her running mate...(therefore you would still get your guy Obama if you pick Hillary... that's according to Slick Willy).

I have never seen this kind of arrogance. Obama (who is leading in delegates....and according to my math will get to 2025 before she will) should somehow take a back seat to Hillary???????

The Running mate talk seems to be designed to siphon off votes from Obama.

james d granata said...

Senator Sociopath

There is no way to categorize her as anything but a sociopath as she perfectly fits the profile. A sociopath is defined as a person with a sense of entitlement who is unremorseful and apathetic to others, takes no personal responsibility and is manipulative and conning. They tend to be affectively cold and socially irresponsible, non-conforming to norms and are often grandiose.

Why would Obama need her? She lacks any relevant experience and the baggage she brings would be too burdensome.