Saturday, March 15, 2008

Likely Vice Presidential Picks

(at least for Obama....if he gets that far)

In no particular order

*Evan Bayh
*Tom Vilsack (Unfortunately a Clinton supporter at the moment)
*John Edwards
*Jim Webb
*Richard Durbin
*Gen. John Batiste
*Mark Warner
*Bill Richardson
*Rep. Mike Thompson
*John Kerry
*Joe Biden
*Russell "Russ" Feingold
*Gen. Anthony Zinni
*Rep. Jim Marshall (Jim Marshall would be a nightmare for Republicans).
*William Fallon
*Wesley Clark (Clinton supporter unfortunately....perhaps he'll come to his senses)
*Christopher Dodd
*Tim Kaine
*Tom Daschle (barely a good choice... may be seen as too weak or divisive. He also lost his Senate seat & leadership position in 04. But because of his support for Obama, he is someone that Obama may be considering. Very experienced political leader).

This is not a full list... but this would be a good start. Half of those listed are Vets.... the kind of VP candidate that Obama may want to have on his ticket in a General Election matchup with McCain. However, the non-vets are also good choices. He probably couldn't go wrong with any of the above. Although some are supporting Clinton at the present time.

Who do you think Obama will choose as his VP running mate?


rikyrah said...

My first choice is Jim Webb. If you think that you'll control him - not gonna happen. That's his appeal to me.

I do wonder about the introduction pictures though.

Barack, Michelle, Webb and His wife, on the lawn in Chicago.

Webb will be the ONLY White person in the picture.

That might be a bit much for parts of America.

But, damn, Webb cracks me up with his no-BS persona.

If you want a lapdog; won't be him though.

Shazza Nakim said...

The scary thing about this list is, for Obama Supporters that HATE and DISTRUST Hillary Clinton, these "MEN" actually have checkered and shady pasts on the Hill, voting records that are anti-working class, a history of taking PAC and Lobby dollars, average or just below average in supporting Civil Rights Legislation and close affiliations to those corporations profiting Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think we need a SHORTER LIST or admit that Hillary might not be all that bad for Vice President.

DPolitico said...

Kathleen Sebelius, Democratic Governor of Kansas. That will be his pick. He said, "She's on a short list." She also gave the Democratic response to the President's State of the Union Address and it was right out of Obama's playbook.

Shazza Nakim said...

Kathleen Sebelius sounds like a promising choice and she does have the proper backing and Obama like philosophy. Only thing I did noice about her though, Kathleen Sebelius is supported HEAVILY by John Kerry who is also a HEAVY supporter of Barak Obama.

Always a rule with me is to NOT ONLY should you follow the money, but you should follow the support as well.

John Kerry is very QUESTIONABLE, especially since his Presidential run and the events that lead to his early conceding of the 2004 Election to Bush as well as his break with John Edwards.