Monday, March 31, 2008

Obama Wins Texas

This is from the BurntOrangeReport:

This past weekend, the Texas Caucus Conventions were held. And, Senator Obama won it, and combined with his Primary Finish, wound up winning the State of Texas.

Current State of the Texas Primary

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TX Primary-Chosen Results (March 4)

Primary Delegates

Clinton - 65
Obama - 61
TOTAL - 126

Texas Caucus Chosen Results

Clinton - 30
Obama - 37
TOTAL - 67

Texas Delegate Results TOTAL

Clinton - 95
Obama - 98
TOTAL - 193


BC Planning said...

I really with the Clinton camp would stop saying he hasnt won a big state and acknowledge that he won Texas

Truthiz said...

The truthiz If the sorry-azz American media would acknowledge the FACT that Barack WON Texas, in terms of the delegate count__due to his Caucus win AND the fact that he finished very close to her in the primary__the Clintons wouldn't be able to keep peddling the LIE that she "won" Texas_at least not without looking like the pathological LIARS that they are!